7 Ideas for Decorating Your Walls

Let your walls reflect your personality!

— Written by Red Rivera (4 min read)
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7 Ideas for Decorating Your Walls

Decorating your walls is one of the easiest and most fun ways to update the look of a room or home without having to buy new furniture—art, maybe, but not big items like a sofa, coffee table, chairs, etc. Sometimes, you don’t even need to buy art at all if you know where to look for more affordable alternatives or have the creativity to DIY. Here are some ideas to get you started—pick the ones that match your interiors, wall color, and personal style. 

1. Create a gallery wall. According to this article on the New York Times.

“Creating a gallery wall is a simple way to bring style and personality to any room — no painting or wallpapering required. All you need is a hammer, some frame hooks and a collection of your favorite art.” The article listed detailed tips from art installers and staffers from museums like MoMA and auction house Christie’s on how to hang framed art and photos on your wall with a vision in mind—and not haphazardly. This includes mixing up items to hang and picking frames. 

2. Display your own canvas artwork. 

Why buy art when you can create your own? All you need is a blank canvas and your medium of choice—different types of paint, recycled materials, paper, fabric, even plants—then frame it or wrap it around a spare piece of wood and hang it on your wall. Better Homes & Gardens lists several ideas for DIY canvas wall art projects—from abstract paintings to mixed media and three-dimensional art that are truly one-of-a-kind. For other ways you can unleash your inner artist to decorate your space.

3. Recreate the Instagram banner effect on your walls using old CD cases. 

Do you love making Instagram banners (a series of pictures that form a bigger picture split into tiles on your IG feed)? You can create the same effect on your walls using the cases of your old CDs (that you never use anyway, thanks to Spotify). Homedit.com had the cool idea to repurpose cases to make interesting wall art that’s very now: “Divide an image into several individual squares to match the CD case dimensions. Print them and use tape to attach them, then mount the cases on the wall.”

4. Put up tree branches on your walls. 

ApartmentTherapy.com shared an idea from one of their readers on how you can add some elements of nature into your home by recycling fallen tree branches and twigs you found in your own backyard or around your neighborhood. It basically involves displaying the branches on your walls (the reader put them above her bed), attached using fence staples.

5. Hang up a pretty scarf or a beautiful piece of fabric. 

Did you receive a lovely scarf as a present yet you’re not really the type to use one? Instead of giving it away, just hang it up on your wall as decor (well, as long as it does deserve to be displayed), as suggested by Buzzfeed. “Make sure to iron it before you hang it up. But you could also frame it.” Besides scarves, they also recommend framing a gorgeous fabric, tapestry, or wallpaper, or even wrapping it around a rectangular or square piece of styrofoam or wood, then stapling on the back.

6. Paint recycled small jars and hang them as vases. 

The beauty of DIY is not only do you get to save, you also get the chance to recycle something you would otherwise throw away. HGTV.com came up with this fun and nifty idea to turn small jars like those that contain baby food or other small condiments and jams into colorful ombre vases you can hang on your walls or even your windows. Paint them in different enamel colors, wire them together, then put flowers on them—change up the flowers for a fresh look every few days! Click here for the full tutorial.

Grant Gibson

7. Display a collection or nice items in storage. 

Instead of keeping your beautiful plates or statement-making hat collection in the cabinet, display them on your walls! Architectural Digest suggests showing off your fine china and antique porcelain dishes by hanging them on the walls of your dining room using wire plate hangers; as well as installing hooks or a pegboard on your bedroom or studio wall to display hats in a cluster—a practical design trick when you’re low on closet space and a striking way to show off your personal style.

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