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View of Ortigas Land's Ortigas East

Ortigas Land, one of the real estate industry’s pioneers, has been a partner of PropertyAccess since 2018. Through this, they have been selling over 500M pesos worth of properties to Japanese investors every year. Backed by 90 years of experience and expertise, their developed estates, residential developments, office towers, and malls continue to withstand the test of time through its innovative building spaces and continuous elevation of quality for the community.

Ortigas Land and their legacy

For 90 years, Ortigas Land has been building spaces that last a lifetime, where memories and experiences are created, and life flourishes. Ortigas Land has been perfecting the art of life, work, and leisure by conceiving of and building master-planned developments that have become thriving communities over time – paradigms of excellence in the Philippine real estate landscape. 

Today, Ortigas Land counts in its portfolio some of the country’s best residential, business and commercial developments in Metro Manila – including the landmark Greenhills Center, business district Ortigas Center, value regional shopping destination Tiendesitas in the mixed-use prime location of Ortigas East, residential areas  such as Valle Verde subdivisions, Greenmeadows, Greenhills subdivisions, Luntala Valle Verde, and its most recent estate projects, Circulo Verde, and Capitol Commons.

Aerial view of the Ortigas East estate landscape with tall buildings.
In this photo: artist’s perspective of Ortigas East’s estate landscape.

Ortigas Land is involved in the following areas of property development:

  1. Estates (mixed-use developments)

They currently have four estates which are:

  • 16-ha Greenhills Center, where a massive P60-billion redevelopment plan is underway;
  • 10-ha Capitol Commons, an urban global destination that has a direct access to the currently being constructed Ortigas South subway station;
  • 10-ha Circulo Verde, envisioned to be a residential enclave promoting a fresh and active lifestyle in the middle of the city;and
  • 16-ha Ortigas East, a premier estate along the bustling C-5 corridor promoting a healthy environment with well-designed spaces
  1. Residential developments

All of Ortigas Land’s residential towers for sale are found in all of their estates, with the exemption of The Galleon, which is a two-tower office and residential tower for sale right at the heart of Ortigas Center.

  1. Office towers

They have office towers for lease and for sale, all of which are found in their estates (except for The Galleon).

  1. Malls

These are also found within their four estates.

Mindful Designs backed by 90 years of experience and expertise

Ortigas Land is one of the pioneers in the real estate industry. It is backed by 90 years of experience and expertise in building developments that has withstood the test of time while elevating the standards and experiences of the community.

In recent years, Ortigas Land has introduced to the market residential properties which already integrate smart home features that make a seamless and worry-free living among homeowners. Through a dedicated mobile application, future residents of properties such as Residences at The Galleon, The Empress at Capitol Commons, and future Ortigas Residences projects, will be able to have full control of their units’ facilities and utilities.

1-bedroom unit at Residences at The Galleon overlooking Ortigas Center.
In this photo: 1-BR unit of Residences at The Galleon overlooking the view of Ortigas Center.

Aside from the smart home features, Ortigas Land continues to innovate by integrating Ortigas Land’s Mindful Designs. These home innovations are the answers to the market’s unspoken wants and needs. Each design responds well to a quality of life that is found only with an Ortigas Land unit. They show how progressive and updated Ortigas Land is with present-day residential living. These are some of the features of Ortigas Land’s Mindful Designs:

  • Lavatory with vanity cabinets
  • Integrated microwave oven cabinets 
  • Wi-Fi router cabinet
  • Built-in shower bench
  • Built-in cabinets with lights
  • USB ports in all bedrooms
  • Intercom with videophone
  • Task lights in kitchen cabinets

Ortigas Land’s current estate developments are located near Ortigas Center, one of the oldest business districts in Metro Manila. Ortigas Center is home to a number of multinational companies and malls that have flourished in the area. 

With Ortigas Center’s pipelined improvements such as geographical connectivity, community integration, accessibility through infrastructure, and attractive business costs, Ortigas Center is proving to be an ideal location.

On their partnership with PropertyAccess

Ortigas Land has been in partnership with PropertyAccess since 2018. Ortigas Land has taken part in a number of property conferences in Japan and has also joined in the Japan International Property Awards organized by PropertyAccess. 

Ortigas Land Team in Tokyo Japan
The Ortigas Land Team during the IPIC 2019 held in Tokyo, Japan

A number of their Capitol Commons and Ortigas East residential projects have become popular in the Japanese market because of PropertyAccess.  Residential units in Empress at Capitol Commons, Maven at Capitol Commons, Imperium, and Maple at Verdant Towers also did well with PropertyAccess’ support.

Adapting to the new normal

Ortigas Land continues to prepare to launch projects and calibrate the timing and number of launches depending on market conditions. According to them, preparedness, flexibility and agility are key in the current environment that they are in. 

While the challenges remain and while it will take some time to fully restore consumer and business confidence, the economy has a lot of room to grow coming from a low base and with its fundamentals largely intact. Demand is still there for residential, office, and retail developments and it is just a matter of time when the volume will go back up again to pre-pandemic levels.

Common lobby of the Empress at Capitol Commons with colorful velvet furniture
In this photo: lobby of the Empress at Capitol Commons with light colored interiors.

For its projects, Ortigas Land has been working with both foreign and local consultants to redefine modern living. For example, Empress at Capitol Commons, the latest residential tower of Ortigas Land, aims to serve as an oasis amidst the chaos of urban living. Empress at Capitol Commons boasts of unique innovations and features such as chromotherapy – the science of promoting health through colors – by implementing a light and calming color palette in its interior spaces. It also has a biophilic design, which harnesses the power of fauna, and uses plants to create a relaxing environment. Even the hardscape is well-thought-of, with an acupressure walk in the quiet zone specially designed to stimulate acupressure points in the feet.
It has been an ideal project for those looking for a sanctuary in the middle of the metro and those who value comfort and convenience especially in today’s “new normal”.

Their message to potential investors

Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, now is the best time to invest in real estate in the Philippines. The country’s economy is primed for recovery, backed by its young population which translates into a robust market over the medium and long term, and the government’s current infrastructure developments.  Historically, land values in Metro Manila have consistently appreciated and land values within the city still have a lot of room to grow, particularly in Ortigas Center and the areas around it. Investors should therefore take advantage of the current situation and invest in real estate properties now.

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