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Investing in an Apartment in Baguio City
Life in Baguio is a blend of tranquility and bustling activity. The city is far from Metro Manila, but near enough that Manileños can visit it on a whim on the weekends. The cold climate, however, is the main draw for many. It gives the city a Western vibe, what with the pine trees lining the streets and housesand establishments sporting American Craftsmen, Ranch-Style, and Colonial Revival architectural designs.

For these reasons, buying an apartment for sale in the Summer Capital is a sound investment. From tourists to locals, as well as relocating families to assigned workers and employees, there will be plenty of potential tenants looking for affordable accommodations in Baguio City.

A Promising Investment for the Real Estate-Savvy
Filipinos and foreigners alike recognize how special Baguio City is. Families, working adults, entrepreneurs, artists, students, and tourists gravitate to the city because it offers so much more than cool weather all year round.

Baguio has a distinct, small-town vibe that’s unlike Metro Manila. It’s a perfect blend of provincial and urban. Residents have access to malls and modern technologies and amenities. Its commercial center, which runs the length of Session Road, boasts department and grocery stores, old movie theaters, upscale hotels, restaurants, cafes, and more. Residents can get their essentials just by walking down one street—an enticing notion for anyone who’s grown weary of the traffic and long-distance commutes common in Metro Manila.

The city, with the beautiful backdrop of the Cordillera Mountains and its calm environment, inspires creativity. It calls on artists and entrepreneurs who dream of creating and offering the public something new, something different.

Developments are penetrating the cityscape, too. With them are workers and employees whose skills and talents are invaluable to new businesses setting up shop in Baguio.

Finally, local tourists and foreign nationals who’ve heard of Baguio’s attractions and are eager to explore them will also keep pouring into the city.

These are the people who’ll be your target market as an apartment owner.As they contemplate on relocating in Baguio for good, they will need comfortable and affordable accommodations in the meantime —and you can provide it with a well-appointed apartment.

The Many Attractions of Baguio
Besides the opportunity to pursue fulfilling careers and live in a community that’s ideal for raising a family, Baguio offers other attractions that are equally hard to resist.

One of them is the low cost of living. The fresh produce sold in Baguio City Market is more affordable than the goods in Manila’s supermarkets.Residents can buy armfuls of fresh flowers, improve their daily diet with Cordillera vegetables, and snack on sweet strawberries without breaking the bank.

Of course, there are the famous tourist destinations that Filipinos from all over the country dream of visiting. Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Mines View Park, and the Lion’s Head are old favorites that still appeal to today’s travelers. There are also destinations for those who prefer a more natural sojourn. The La Trinidad Strawberry Farm and Tam-Awan Villagecan give them a deeper appreciation for Mother Nature’s gifts.

Baguio promises to continue being a top tourist destination in the Philippines. Capitalize on this fact and consider adding the ownership of a Baguio apartment to your real estate investment portfolio.

Maximize the services of PropertyAccess Philippines. Browse Baguio apartments for sale or rent. Get in touch if you need further assistance from our team.





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