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Buy Land and Build Your Home in Baguio City

The beauty of the Cordillera Mountains, city conveniences, and distance from the hectic hubbub that is Metro Manila—these are just some of the perks you can experience by living in the City of Pines and the country’s summer capital.

Find land for sale in Baguio and consider making the city your new home. It is also an ideal location for young families, artists, and retirees seeking relief from the congestion, heat, and sense of urgency that permeates Metro Manila. 

Baguio is also a prime location for real estate investors. Acquiring Baguio land for sale opens possibilities for various kinds of developments, like a multi-family rental home, events venue, commercial complex, and more. 

Whatever your purpose is for seeking land in Baguio, PropertyAccess Philippines is here to help. We offer a simple search tool that will significantly cut down your search time by providing listings that meet your preferred location and price range. Once you’ve found a prospective property, feel free to contact the real estate agent via our website.

Acquire a Vacation Retreat or Set Down Roots in Baguio City
Settling down in Baguio can be a rewarding experience, as many lowlanders who’ve relocated to its mountains can attest. Baguio offers a perfect blend of small-town charm and city conveniences. Developments are intermingling with its commercial hub and along Session Road, but locals and transplants continue to preserve much of the laid-back, old-school way of life. 

Baguio residents can’t help but lead a balanced lifestyle thanks to its location and the influences of the Cordillera culture. This has always been one of the best aspects of Baguio, and a common reason why people from the Metro relocate to the City of Pines.

You can look forward to such a life, as well. Find land for sale in Baguio and consider building your new home in the city.

Year-round Access to Famous Tourist Attractions
While the rest of the country can only dream of Baguio’s cool weather when the summer heat bears down from March to October, you get to experience it all year. Live long-term in the city,and you won’t have to scramble to visit all of Baguio’s tourist spots over one weekend. 

You can go and see the Lions Club’s famous Lion’s Head along Kennon Road; experience the culture of the Ifugaos and take look at the arts and crafts of the Cordillera region at Tam-Awan Village; and revisit history at Camp John Hay’s Bell House and Amphitheater, Secret Garden, Cemetery of Negativism, and History Trail. 

Riding a bicycle, jogging, or having a picnic in Burnham Park will no longer be quick and time-constrained experiences. You’ll be able to stay for as long as you like. You can attend Sunday masses at the historic Baguio Cathedral and have Friday dinners with colleagues at Session Road. 

Own land in Baguio andconsider building a home for yourself and your family. Making the city your home gives you the freedom to fully explore the aforementioned famous locations at your leisure. 

City Conveniences Mixed with Small-Town Charm
Besides the natural beauty of the surrounding Cordillera Mountains and numerous historical and recreational attractions, Baguio City offers urban perks and conveniences that make life easier for residents. The city may not have the imposing high-rises and sprawling commercial complexes of Metro Manila, but it is well-developed and can provide the needs of people used to city living. 

Local shopping centers and malls feature the same shops, restaurants, brands, and amenities available in the Metro.The famous Baguio City Market also givesresidents an advantage over the lowlanders. Unlike most public markets in the country, it is clean, orderly, and offerseverything anyone could need, from money changers to ukay-ukay stores to furniture sellers. Best of all, the market offers fresh produce from the Cordillera province. 

An Investment for the Future
The beauty about owning land in Baguio is you’re free to build a home or start a business in the future. Regardless of what becomes the more pressing need—apeaceful place where you can raise your family or an extra source of income, for example— your land will be a useful investment that’s bound to pay off. 

Experience the best of both worlds in Baguio. Find land for sale in Baguioand enjoy its benefits without missing out on essential urban conveniences.

Browse our listings and get in touch with one of our licensed agents. PropertyAccess Philippines can help you maximize time for your search. Contact us for questions.




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