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Come down south and settle in Davao when you’re looking for a change from the busy Manila scenery. The commercialized coastal region is a great alternative to the chaos of the Metro. This beautiful major island has everything: a peaceful city life, proximity to nature, and accessibility.

Here’s what else to expect from this breathtaking locale when you plan on buying land for sale in Davao.

A Land of Diversity
With a total land area of 2,444 square kilometers and a population of 2,516, 216 (as of 2015), Davao is undoubtedly one of the largest cities in the country. Just as it is large, the city is also one of the most culturally diverse areas in the Philippines. The ethnicity of the residents alone is a colorfully woven tapestry: indigenous Davaoeños and Cebuanos are the majority groups while the Lumad, Aeta, and Illongos make up the bulk of minority ethnicities. 

Culturally diverse and historically rich, residents are no strangers to the ethnic and foreign influences of the city. A mix of Spanish, American, and Japanese culture plus the traditions of the indigenous tribes make the city a veritable international melting pot. 

Life in Davao
Peace and quiet — these are two words that perfectly describe life in Davao. As locals say, "Life is here."

One of the city’s unique selling points is its claim of being one of the — if not THE — safest places in the Philippines. Davao boasts an impressively low crime rate, touting the discipline and order apparent throughout the city as one of their many modern successes. Also, there is less traffic compared to the busy Metro. 

Despite its status as a bustling metropolis filled with remarkable infrastructure, public utilities, and services, Davao never lets go of its ties to Mother Nature. Residents will never want for green spaces, enjoying the variety of recreational options and comforts in Manila minus the noise. 

A Booming Real Estate Industry
Davao real estate has been going especially wellin the past couple of years. The increasing interest of top developers and private investors resulted in numerous developments in the city. In fact, leading developers Megaworld, Ayala, and Cebu Landmasters have planned developments that amount to 60 hectares of land. As the number of developers establishing their foothold grows, so does the interest from investors. 

Lot and Land for Sale in Davao
Due to its large size, Davao is suitable for both commercial and agricultural activities, making it an ideal residential location. The city’s landscape is just as diverse as the cultures Davaoeños are proud of.

Finding the right land for sale in Davao, however, is no walk in the park. Since there are plenty of notable properties in the area, your search will consume much of your time and resources. 

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Easier & Better Property Search
We user smarter real estate technology to connect you to the right people. Our cutting-edge AI/Deep Learning technology from Singapore and Japan ensures a smoother property buying and selling process. Also, our agents possess years of experience, which they utilize to find the property that suits your unique requirements. 

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