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10 Things to Clean to Avoid a Stinky Home

) Red Rivera |

Scent plays a big role in making sure your house is a home. Smell has been found to have a powerful link with one’s emotions and feelings, so it’s important not to overlook this crucial detail. A house with a pleasing scent also makes a good impression to your guests.

Before you dive into air fresheners, aromatherapy, or any of the like, the first step is to make sure no bad odors are coming from any of your household items. Here is a list of ten things you should check for bad odors in your home.

1. Pillows

We use our pillows every day. We lie on them, hug them, even sit on them. If you don’t check your pillow and change your pillow covers regularly, they can emit bad odors and be full of germs. You can keep your pillows clean by regularly fluffing and airing them out as well as washing them.

2. Mattress

A mattress has a tendency to smell like mold when it isn’t cleaned. In order to avoid that moldy smell, it’s a good idea to air it out regularly (around every two weeks). You can also prevent it from turning into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria by sprinkling baking soda over the mattress, letting it sit, and vacuum it properly afterward.

3. Drawers and Cabinets

When unwashed or damp clothes are stored in a cabinet, it can create a funky smell that can stick to your other clothes. Old drawers and cabinets also have the tendency to smell musty as well. To clean up your drawers and cabinets, make sure to stop storing dirty and damp laundry in your closet. Silica gels (the tiny packets in new bags or shoes) and used tea bags can absorb bad odors so you can store these in drawers and cabinets to combat bad odor.

4. Refrigerator

We store so much food in our refrigerator, if we’re not in the habit of cleaning the fridge, it can let out some terrible smells. Get into the habit of cleaning it regularly and throwing out expired food immediately. 

You can clean your fridge by starting out with the shelves and drawers, scrub it with a mixture of baking soda and warm water. Once you’ve done that, wipe it down with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar.

5. Trash Can

Sure you’ve taken out the trash, but the trash can itself may be letting out some strong odors we don’t want. You can avoid this by cleaning your trash bin every now and then after you’ve emptied it. You can also put used orange or lemon peels in before the garbage bag to neutralize odors. Don’t forget to replace it, though!

6. Bath Towels

Bath towels are prone to emitting a bad smell since it’s damp every time after use. Make sure you hang your towel in a space that has plenty of room for it to dry.

7. Sponges

We use our sponges to clean our dirty dishes, so it’s no surprise it can let out some bad odors after some time. Besides that, it can turn into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria when not handled well. Besides regularly replacing your sponges, you can opt to disinfect it by submerging it in a mixture of a quarter of bleach and a gallon of water. Soak it for five minutes and rinse with cold water to get rid of the smell.

8. Drains

The kitchen and bathroom drain can stink really fast with its damp environment and with everything that passes through it. You can keep your drain clean by running water down the drain or pouring dishwashing liquid followed by cold water to get rid of the odor.

9. Washing Machines

Our washing machines can get real stinky if it’s not cleaned every other month. Make sure to keep the door/compartment open to allow it to dry in between uses. This is to make sure it doesn’t stay damp and stinky on the inside.

10. Cleaning Rags

We use cleaning rags for practically everything! Make sure to wash them with hot water and detergent so you can reuse them again without it having to be so smelly.