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Fortune and Metal Rats

Wayne Tan |

Feng Shui comes from two Chinese words that mean wind (风) and water (水). It is an ancient Chinese philosophy (though some would argue that it could be a science) that tries to create balance and harmony to living or work areas in order to promote the flow of Chi, which is supposedly your life force energy. This flow is supposed to increase happiness, health, and prosperity. If you’re planning to furnish your new house and want to try something for a better start to the new decade, maybe you can give these next ideas a try. 

1) Where the bedroom should be  

According to feng shui, the bedroom should be as far away as possible from the main entry point of the house (in other words, your front door.) In the same way, the general is in the backlines when the army goes to war, so should the heads of the house sleep away from the front door. Subconsciously, this also induces a feeling of protection in security in knowing you’re the farthest away from a possible threat. While this may realistically not be possible depending on how your house is built or the layout you had in mind, it may still be prudent to situate your bedroom as far from the front door as possible. 

2) Design your room as someone you want to be in the future 

While this may be a bit on the stranger side, as far as trying to get yourself a significant other goes, this is probably not one of the more outlandish ways to go about it. The idea is to arrange your room as if you were already involved with someone. Use accessories and designs in pairs; place night lights and lamps on both sides of the bed, and hopefully, someone will be using the other side of it as well in the future. 

3) The proper direction to sleep

In Chinese culture, there is a tradition of carrying out deceased individuals with their feet facing the door. This has led to the belief that you should never sleep with your feet facing the door, lest you follow the same sordid fate of those that have passed on. Avoid placing it also in line with a mirror as it reflects the energy in a negative manner, intensifying negative emotions increasing your problems or worries. Aside from not aligning your bed with the door or a mirror, do not place it under a window as well as solid walls are supposed to represent protection and the flux of energy that flows in and out of the window will supposedly cause an unrestful rest for you. (It is at this point that I realize my room is not up to feng shui standards either. Maybe I’d have better luck if I rearranged a few things.)   

4) Clean your room 

In his book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson posits that Rule 6 is to set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world. Whether you choose to criticize the world is up to you, but what he says about cleaning your room is agreed upon by feng shui practitioners. Clutter in the room hinders the free flow of your chi, which is generally found to be the source of issues with luck and health (this belief is one of the fundamental ideas of acupuncture as well.) If you’re the sort that just chooses to stuff everything under the bed or in the closet, they have something to say about that as well: doing this will block the energy as well and cause stagnation in your life.   

5) Choose your colors carefully  

The color you choose for your room is immensely important as it can define the atmosphere and mood of the entire area. Neutral colors like cream or peach are said to give a warm and pleasant ambiance while light blue, green, and lavender invoke a more healing energy. Red ups the ante and pumps up adrenaline like no other; yellow communicates happiness and uplifts the room -- in the proper locations, it can also feel expansive and welcoming. Purple adds an air of regality and pomp while bringing in a restful quality that is similar to the ambiance of blue.1

6) Honor the rat 

2020 is said to be the year of the Metal Rat, according to the Chinese calendar. The year is said to bring good luck with regards to wealth, so decorate accordingly. For example, you could have what they call a “wealth bowl”. Normally placed near the door, it is a glass or ceramic bowl that you fill with any loose change you accumulate throughout the year; this is supposed to represent your own accumulation of wealth throughout the year. 

7) Let there be light 

Light, or illumination, is a very important factor in everything, and as well as in feng shui. Aside from the fact that it saves energy and money during the daytime and the multiple health benefits that natural light brings to a home (which will be discussed in the future), it also keeps creepy crawlies and pests away from the room as they are unable to make a home and fester when the room is bathed in sunlight; you can also spot out any signs of a growing problem before it arises. Use blinders that can easily be opened in the morning to allow in the dawn shine and at night to block the darkness coming from the outside. 

While some of these pieces of advice or suggestions may be a bit outlandish for you, they are all harmless ideas that are geared towards your fortune. As you are presumably starting the new year with a new home, it might be quite lovely to attract as much luck as you can with these tips that can help you bring home the bacon, in many more ways than one. I hope these tips help you in your quest for a better and brighter year ahead.