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Hacking Your Home

Wayne Tan |

Life hacks have become a very interesting way to make some daily processes much simpler through the tips other people provide that strike a ground between the kind of smart that makes you wish you thought of it yourself, and the level of strange that just makes you scratch your head in bemusement and confusion. I have scoured the internet for these tidbits and tricks, and below is what I have found (and may have applied some of these myself): 

  1. 1) Organize your markers and pens by using old cardboard cylinders (the brown material when you finish your toilet paper rolls). This is incidentally a good way to organize smaller wires as well. 

  1. 2) Make a magnetic rack for your small items such as nail cutters and clippers, tweezers, hair clips, etc. 

  1. 3) Use bull clips near your charging areas to keep your wires arranged and orderly. 

  1. 4) On a related note, use the spring from old pens and tie them around your chargers to keep them from bending, breaking, or tearing.

  1. 5) Add a second shower rod, coupled with some baskets, for extra bathroom storage. 

  1. 6) Use old shoe boxes as improvised libraries by storing your books inside and stacking them on top of each other to maximize storage space. 

  1. 7) If you need a cheap solution to having to go back and forth to your cookbook while preparing lunch or dinner, use a pants hanger (the one with the clips at the sides). 

  1. 8) Always confused which key is for which door? Use nail polish to distinguish between the different keys you bring around (plus they look so much prettier this way). 

  1. 9) Use double-sided tape to attach file holders to the inside of your cabinets for extra space to store whatever it is that you may need. 

  1. 10) Your MacBook’s power brick can also serve as a beer opener (only in the most dire of circumstances).

  1. 11) Bread tabs are also very useful for keeping your spot on a roll of tape (and saving yourself the trouble of having to scratch it back out).

  2. 12) Put a small amount of water in a glass to keep your pizza crust from getting chewy when you reheat it. 

  3. 13) If you’re afraid to bang a hammer onto your hand while you nail something to the wall (as you well should be), use a clothespin to hold the nail while you can proceed safely. 

  4. 14) Post-its can be clutter, yes, but you can also use them to clean your keyboard/laptop. Run them between the keys to collect crumbs, dust, and other material. 

  5. Alternatively, an old toothbrush also works well for this purpose. 

  6. 15) If you have trouble cleaning your blinds, this is the best fix for them: wrap a towel around a pair of tongs, secure them with rubber bands, and feel the ease of keeping them dust-free. 

  7. 16) Cleaning a blender can be a tricky task. The simpler way to go about it is to add dish soap inside, pour in a few cups of warm water, and blend until it is squeaky clean.