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Your Life with Pets

) Wayne Tan |

Pets are a great way to bring some life into your home. We all have our individual preferences as to what type of animal we’d rather care for and be around, but hopefully, this shortlist will help you decide which you would rather have with you.


Pros: Who could deny man’s best friend? Whether it be a guard dog or a more warm breed, dogs are a lovely addition to a home as they bring an energy and enthusiasm that livens up the house. You have someone to talk to who won't interrupt; fellow dog-owners would likely agree that many dogs seem to understand humans better than we assume they do. Also, you have nature’s most lovable security alarm at your side, making sure you get a good night’s rest (unless you wanna bring him to rest with you.)

Cons: No pet is perfect though, not even the lovable dog. If you adopt him/her as a puppy, one of your immediate concerns will be general training. The worst part of having any animal, arguably, is that whenever a mess is made, that's one more odor or stain to destroy your safe haven of cleanliness unless you manage to train them to let loose outside. Dogs also require some sort of obedience training, whether it be the basic "sit" and "stay" commands or something more elaborate; this may push your patience to its limits, but some would see it as a labor of love.


Pros: Among the animals on this list, cats are probably the most low-maintenance of the bunch. As long as you change their litter box regularly and give them the amount of food and water that they like, your cat will be pretty self-sufficient; they are also good at cleaning and entertaining themselves. While they entertain themselves, they entertain you as well, as evidenced by all the funny cat videos you can watch online. You also have the added benefit of your own natural pest control as this was one of the reasons we domesticated cats in the first place.

Cons: While they are generally adept at relieving themselves in their own litter box, that does not mean there’s no trouble cleaning up after them. Aside from the fact that their litter boxes generally don’t smell like roses, they shed a lot and get hair everywhere, which can make clean-up very taxing. You will also want to keep them away from your furniture, lest they turn it into a very expensive scratching post. Some people may also not want to visit as often, whether it be from personal allergies or the fear of being turned into a scratching post as well.


Pros: If you have an interest in biology and how ecosystems work in order to strike a harmonious balance, fish will be a great pet in that regard. Aside from their beautiful color and shapes that are a wonderful aesthetic for the home, taking care of fish is a good way to build character and get used to routines in your life. They’re also kid-friendly in a sense; you can train your child in responsibility and routines early on in their life by letting them manage an aquarium. 

Cons: Of all the animals on this list, fish are probably the most time-intensive and taxing pets to have around the house. Maintaining a proper aquarium is both expensive and time-consuming, as the equipment to keep an aquarium ship-shape (air pumps, air stones, backgrounds, canopies or hoods, chillers, filters, lighting, and pest control) is fairly pricey, and the actual work will also eat a lot of your time every week. They’re also not the most exciting type of pets at times as they are tied to their particular habitat, meaning that you will be somewhat tied to the house as well; interaction will generally be one-way as well as, well, what can fish really do? 


Pros: While birds are a bit more of an uncommon house guest here in the Philippines, there’s no doubt that they are still a very entertaining companion to have inside the house. They generally don’t take up a lot of space (if you opt to use a cage), and their food is not as expensive when compared to other pets. As mentioned earlier, they’re also quite the little entertainer, with their own little “personality”  that livens up the house and their musical ability to sing and whistle can be sweet music that plays in your halls.

Cons: You can probably say goodbye to quiet nights of peace in the house. Birds chatter, chirp, cry, hoot, shriek, and make all manner of noise that you may not even be able to hear your own thoughts. They also peck and bite, which will be quite the bother to deal with. Aside from the ethical question of caging a free-flying animal, they also require more attention than most as they are not the most independent creatures when domesticated, requiring a number of hours of interaction per day that most may just not have the luxury to spare. Improper care may lead to feather plucking, neuroses, and depression.


Pros: Rabbits are very adorable animals. Like soft cotton balls, they make the perfect cuddle buddy and are naturally very warm creatures. Much like dogs, they can easily recognize and understand simple instructions you give them. They also are very clean pets, as they self-groom often and do not require baths that often except when they are sick and cannot self-groom. Their life expectancy of 8-12 years on average is fairly long if you compare it to other pets, and that can be added to depending on the quality of care given to them. If you grow attached to this pet, you can be assured they won’t be leaving you anytime soon.

Cons: If you have cats, dogs, or kids in the house, rabbits may not be the best companion for them. Bunnies are sensitive and can be prone to mishandling by children. They are also not compatible with dogs or cats as those two are more the predatory type of animal, while the rabbit is more commonly the prey. Their dietary plans will also naturally be more complicated than others as their digestive system is not as strong; they require food with high fiber, and a slight tweak in their menu can get them sick.