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7 plants to keep mosquitoes away

) Red Rivera |

Mosquito bites are always annoying and a hassle to deal with, but it takes a dangerous turn when dengue fever occurs. 

According to Author Daniel Cunningham, plants can repel mosquitoes when it is used in a certain way. 

He says, “There is no doubt that some botanical compounds repel mosquitoes, but most often they have to be extracted from the plant to be effective…the mere presence of these plants themselves in your landscape – even in close proximity to a patio, pergola or seating area – won’t quite do the trick. In almost every case, action needs to be taken to get those plant-based oils out where they can have some effect. This might be as simple as crushing the leaves, but making essential oils or even burning certain plant parts (like you would incense) in an area can also be effective.”

And so, without further ado, here are seven plants with components that can repel mosquitoes:


It has impressive health benefits with a refreshing smell and oils that can ward off pests.


Bright and captivating, marigolds contain a compound that’s often used in insect repellents.


According to Mother Nature Network, “the oil of lemongrass contains citral, geraniol, myrcene, limonene, and citronellal, a natural oil found in insect-repelling candles.”


Though adored by our feline friends, catnip contains the chemical nepetalactone which repels insects.


While many use lavender to get a restful slumber, many also depend on it to ward off pests. An article on Country Living states that if you’re going for lavender, you may want to plan the lavandin variety as it has a “high concentration of campor.” It can also help you get rid of flies and moths!


We use basil to make dishes extra flavorful, but you can depend on this trusty herb to keep bugs at bay. The best part? It has a strong scent that repels pests even if you don’t crush the leaves


Keep bad vibes and pests away by burning a bit of sage in a dish and letting the scent dominate your home.

Mosquitoes are pesky but also dangerous as it can cause dengue, malaria, and yellow fever. It's important to note that while these plants can help, it's much better to use repellent lotions and creams to avoid nasty mosquito bites. It's also important to keep note of your cleaning routine, make sure to always replace the water in vases and storage containers!