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Condo Lifestyle: The five signs that show you’re ready

) Red Rivera |

The Philippines is currently experiencing a boom in real estate (READ: Rapid 1Q growth by industry leaders; A sign of things to come for the real estate industry), there’s an abundance of developers creating condominiums, townhouses, office buildings, and so on.

There’s a lot to choose from, but here are five clear signs that a condo lifestyle would be perfect for you:

1) You want to downsize

Condominiums offer limited space, but that isn’t always a bad thing. With the calls to declutter and living a minimalist lifestyle, a condominium would be perfect for you. The small space of a condominium frees you from wasting time and money towards maintaining a large home.

2) You worry about budgeting for home expenses

Owning a house can be extremely stressful, especially when a major issue arises. You’d need to think about keeping your roof intact or perhaps think about repairs to the foundation. The bottom line is, you could be faced with a large bill you don’t have the means of paying for.

When you have a condo, it’s a different story, your monthly building fees pay for shared building costs. This affords you with peace of mind when it comes to budgeting got monthly expenses and getting major issues fixed.

3) You enjoy traveling

Traveling is a lot easier to do when you live in a condo. Just make sure to take fire precautions, lock up, and leave. Your building will take care of security and other concerns. On the other hand, if you owned a house, a lot of problems could emerge if your house appears unoccupied. For instance, a thief might break in and steal your valuables or a flash flood could damage your home. 

The list of risks goes on and on, it’s a lot easier to handle when you live in a condominium.

4) Convenience > extra space

As mentioned earlier, condos allow you less space, but if you’re looking to simplifying your life the condo life is ideal for you. When you only keep things you use regularly in your home, along with the convenience of managing a smaller space, this lets your home life become less hectic as you have fewer things to think about.

Condominiums allow you convenience especially when it’s located near your workplace. Some condominiums also have resident-only gyms you can use for an active and healthy lifestyle.

5) You need more time in your daily routine

Less time towards cleaning and commuting is dedicated to your day when you live in a condominium. This lets you put more time in more towards things you prioritize such as your career, studies, hobbies, and so on

So now that you know the signs, you might want to buy a condo unit for yourself! The Philippines has a lot in the market now, check out our other article listing down the top 6 pre-selling apartments in Metro Manila