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Preparing your Condo for the rainy season

) Red Rivera |

The rainy season is upon us again! While the cool temperature is a welcome reprieve from the usual hot and sunny climate of the Philippines, we need to take prepare our homes for the heavy rains.

For those living in a condominium unit, here are a few tips to follow to prepare for the rainy days ahead.

Check your doors and windows for gaps

When our doors and windows aren’t closed all the way, it allows water to enter the apartment and cause leaks or water damage to your furniture or appliances. This should be a big concern especially if you live on the higher floors. Carefully check your doors and windows for any gaps and check your drywall for cracks and stains while you’re at it too!

Get to know your unit’s electrical system

You should be aware where your fuse box can be found so you can easily switch off the electricity when the need arises. 

Change the bedsheets

You might think nothing of it, but remember to change your bedsheets every other week during the rainy season. The moisture in the air can affect your linens and leave them reeking of a moldy odor.

Have water levels lowered in the condo’s pool

A residential building may have a pool for their residents, and if that’s the case for your condo building, make sure to remind the maintenance to drain or at least lower the pool’s water level before storms. This is to avoid the water lever to rise during continuous rains and risk flooding in the building.

Stock up on emergency essentials

When an emergency or disaster strikes, it’s best to be prepared. When the heavy rains make it impossible to go outside, having enough food supply to last you for days should be ready in your cupboards. Additionally, make sure to have a flashlight and rechargeable gadgets ready in case of a blackout. Having enough medicine in your emergency kit is also important to consider.

Have the rain gutters cleaned

The cleanliness of your condominium’s gutters is a responsibility of the condo association. If you notice the gutters dirty or in need of repair, alert the building managers immediately and let them handle the situation accordingly.

Your safety and comfort are always important to consider especially with the tough weather conditions ahead. Always make sure to be prepared to avoid any unforeseen hassles.