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Cozy It Up in a Cafe in Baguio

) Katrina Gadong |

Not all of us can easily pack up our life and move to the Summer Capital for a more relaxed pace, we can still escape the busyness of Metro Manila life by taking a quick breather in the mountain city of Baguio.

The change of scenery and atmosphere would be good for anyone, especially if you're seeking for a chance to sit back, hit the pause button, and chill with the great outdoors, big, towering pines and all, as your backdrop. The sweater weather this time of year would go perfectly as you sip your hot cup of drink in a beautifully-designed, locally-run cafe.

Be sure to hit up some of our favorites:

Photos by the author

Quoted Cafe
Feeding your soul are not only their comfort food and homey modern ambiance, but also—or perhaps most especially—the inspirational quotes and bible verses artfully-decorated all over the walls, on the tables put together with their centerpieces, and as loose pieces of paper  accompanying your receipt.

Photos by the author

Forest House Bistro & Cafe
If a log cabin with matching wooden furniture, an actual fireplace by the comfiest sofas, and other rustic country elements is not enough invitation, then their perfect mix of international and local cuisine might hit the spot. And did we mention they've been consistently hailed as one of the country's best restaurants?

Photos by the author

Arca's Yard
Nestled high above the bustling town is this three-storey home which was converted into a cafe. It offers not only a delicious selection of meals and drinks but also the right amount of peace and quiet plus natural light. Every corner is Instagrammable, from the balcony to the library to the attic and all parts in between, as they are adorned with vintage paintings and Cordilleran tribal relics.

Enjoy the Baguio we all know and love!

*Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, offers a cool, cosmopolitan atmosphere fit for adventurous individuals or couples who want to raise a family in an urban yet laidback atmosphere. PropertyAccess includes list of Baguio properties you can choose from.