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Does Switching Careers also Mean Changing Addresses?

) Katrina Gadong |

Let's be honest: looking for work can get frustrating and stressful. There are resumes and cover letters to tailor-fit for each employer, tests to take, rounds of interviews to have, outfits to plan, anxieties to conquer, and not to mention, commutes to get through as you shuffle back and forth to these prospective offices.

Be ready for what's next
Given the arduous job application process, make sure you've taken into account all aspects of the employment opportunity so it doesn't turn out to be a complete waste of your time as well as for the people meeting with you.

While there are many factors you should consider when changing careers—let alone applying for your very first job—such as salary and benefits, company culture, skills match, and connections or referrals, you should also bear in mind the location of the work. Mind you, oftentimes people forget about this major detail.

Ask the right questions
Is it near your current house? Walkable, even? Good. Then, you're all set. Not all of us get to be so lucky. But if you're one of the many who can't have such luxury, think of how you would get to work every day.

Is it a choice between public transportation or personal drive? How long would that take and how much would it cost you? Is the company strict with clocking-in at 8 in the morning or do they offer flexi-time or work-from-home options? Then there's this thrilling but equally-dreadful question to ask yourself: are you willing to relocate to be closer to your job at this season of your life or even, for the long-term?

Don't be too hard on yourself
How ever way you want to act on it—brave the commute or find a new home—just be practical and realistic. The job sure may be the perfect one for you, but if the long drive or house transfer makes you question your life choices and does not improve the quality of your life, maybe you should find a whole new opportunity entirely.

Good luck on the job hunt and we hope the transition is as smooth as possible!*