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Green Spaces for Rest and Play in the Concrete Jungle of BGC

) Katrina Gadong |

Highly-urbanized areas like Bonifacio Global City (BGC), where a large volume of people live and work, should encourage the existence of more parks and gardens as these open green spaces benefit one's physical and psychological well-being. In BGC, there exists a considerable lot, with these being the best places of healthy recreation.

Track 30th
Location: 30th Street, between 7th and 9th Avenue, BGC

As its name implies, this fitness park's main feature is a paved jogging path spanning for about 310 meters and adorned with lush greens, ready to welcome exercise enthusiasts from 6am to 10pm. It also includes a yoga and exercise lawn big enough for circuit training or physical activities done in groups. The space is also home to functional and interactive art installations made of recycled materials. Differently positioned poles may be used for pull-ups and sit-ups (or other abdominal exercises), as well as somewhere you can lock and secure your bicycles. Meanwhile, made of recycled shredded rubber, Track 30th's Raised Running Disc has distance marks so that you can track your running progress.

Terra 28th photo by ph21stcenturypark

Terra 28th
Location: 28th Street, between 7th and 9th Avenue, BGC

While a kid's playground with the usual swing, slide, and seesaw sits at the heart of this fun space, Terra 28th also has a designated area for traditional Filipino games like Patintero, Habulan Taya, Luksong Baka, Piko, and Holen. Aside from its art installations, it also features a paved lane of 310 meters in length for joggers and runners alike as well as a lawn either for physical activity or rest. The park is open from 6am to 10pm daily.

BGC Greenway Park photo by Manila Bulletin

BGC Greenway Park
Location: Western part of BGC, from Net Plaza (31st Street) to McKinley Parkway, along the boundary of Manila Golf Club

With a length of 1.6 kilometers, BGC Greenway Park is considered as the longest linear park in Metro Manila. Unlike the two previous parks mentioned, this trail is located away from the main traffic, almost hidden from cars and pedestrians, making it the ideal spot for joggers and bikers for uninterrupted training and workout sessions. Open from 6am to 10pm, its asphalt road is surrounded by grass and trees and remains well lit during the dark.

Kasalikasan Garden
Location: near De Jesus Oval, 25th Street and 3rd Avenue, BGC

A hidden gem in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the business district, this secret garden takes its name from the phrase “Kasali Ka Sa Kalikasan (You Are Part of Nature).” Indeed, entering this quaint space transports you into another world of peace and relaxation, a welcome "respite to worn-out city souls." Lush trees and bushes and stone paths were designed in the shape of an amphitheater, a perfect venue for small gatherings and private parties. Individuals who work close by oftentimes spend their breaks here, and are joined by those who bring their their dogs or kids to play.

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