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Houseplants to Liven Up Your Home

) Red Rivera |

As homeowners, we’re always looking for ways to make our home clean, comfortable and personalized to our tastes. One way we can do that is by keeping indoor plants to purify the air at home. Besides that, a plant can help liven up any room.

The downside, however, is that it can be difficult to take care of plants, especially when you have no idea how to care for them. To make things easier for you, we came up with a list of houseplants that you can have in your home and easily take care of.

Devil’s Ivy / Golden Pothos

Don’t be startled by its name, this plant is actually a good beginner plant to take care of. It also comes with its own air purifying properties and it’s sure to enhance your space. These plants grow in trailing stems and are one of the easiest houseplants you can grow. All you need to do is to keep it away from direct sunlight and make sure you allow the soil to dry in between watering. However, if you have pets or children at home, it’s best not to have these plants in your space as it can be harmful when eaten.

Snake Plant

These plants thrive in humid and low light environments. It’s good to keep in places like your bathroom. The Snake Plant can also clean your air as it improves indoor air-quality and filters formaldehyde from your furniture or cleaning materials. If you accidentally forget to water these plants in a span of a few weeks, you don’t need to worry about accidentally killing your plant, the leaves and the shape of the plant still manage to look fresh. 

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is another easy plant you can grow and take care of at home. These plants need to be placed in bright areas with indirect light. When watering these plants, make sure to keep its soil dry in between waterings and you should be good. This houseplant effectively purifies your air at home by getting rid of harmful toxins such as xylene. It’s also a safe plant to have around if you have pets or children in your household.

Aloe Vera

These succulents have been planted for many years and are well known for the many health benefits they provide. Luckily, with a little care, you can have these plants in your home as well. Like cacti, succulents thrive in dry conditions. Make sure its soil is thoroughly drenched when watering your plants and only water again once its soil has been completely dry for a while. These plants must be placed in areas with bright and proper lighting. Aloe vera plants help relieve sunburn and abrasions and are good in purifying the air from formaldehyde and benzene.

Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree plants can go as high up as 50 feet tall but believe it or not, these plants can make good houseplants and are easy to take care of. Start with getting a young rubber tree houseplant so that it can adapt to being an indoor plant. For care, make sure to occasionally prune, repot, and allow the soil to dry in between watering. Place these plants in areas with medium to bright lighting conditions.