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Making Laundry Day Easier

) Red Rivera |

Sometimes it’s relaxing to do, other times it’s a drag. Here’s a list of tips to make laundry easier for you on your next laundry day! 

Upgrade your laundry basket

Sometimes simple things like upgrading your laundry basket can make a world of difference. Laundry baskets can be big and bulky and a hassle to carry around. Try out a collapsible basket to make it easier to carry and stow away.

Choose a shorter wash cycle

If your clothes have only been worn once or twice and aren’t stained, you can select the light setting of your washing machine for a quick 6-8 minute wash. 

Skip the hassle of missing socks

Having missing socks is and will always be annoying. Skip the search by grouping your socks together in a laundry bag. When it’s time to fold everything, it’ll be easier to match up each pair. You can also do this for your underwear and handkerchiefs for an easier wash.

Schedule your laundry wisely

Multiple loads of laundry can take up so much time in your day, it can even take the whole weekend. In order to save your weekend from endless chores, you can dedicate different days of the week to washing sheets, another on washing light clothing, another on white clothing, and so on.

Empty pockets of all clothes before washing

Loose change, keys, and other small knickknacks can damage your machine for the worse. In order to avoid any possible damage to your washing machine, make sure to adopt the habit of checking your pockets before washing at all times

Use colorful baskets to involve your kids

It’s important to instill the habit of getting chores done to children at a young age. When you make the process of doing laundry fun and interactive, it will help them learn quicker, and it’ll even give you a little helper! (SEE: Kids and Cleaning)