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Light Design Trends for 2019

) Red Rivera |

Landlite Philippines Corporation (LPC), a leading light fixture and solutions distributor in the country revealed the latest lighting design trends for 2019. 

According to CEO Jocelyn Li, “We would like to uplift the lighting standards of our market into a new level. We have three main priorities we focus on: Quality and service, evolving trends, design and innovation, and product sustainability.”

They’ve listed the following as key trends for 2019:


According to LPT, the human-centric light trend is quickly getting traction. Correlated color shifting (CCT) of LED bulbs fall under this category. CCT helps regulate one’s circadian rhythm, moods, visual acuity, and performance.

Bohman&Folenius created Inviting Light for home lighting falls under this category. The main feature of this light fixture is that it moves according to a person’s different needs and moods when you’re working. The brightness of their light fixture can be controlled by sliding its dial from one side to the other, when it is rotated, the temperature of the light can also be controlled. This light fixture can be used in various locations such as shelves, headboards, study and work desks, the kitchen, and so on.

Inviting Light image retrieved from Isak Folenius



Nowadays, consumers look for lighting solutions that cover a multitude of pieces of equipment. It’s especially important for consumers that want to save money and space. 

For example, NIKO by Nahtrang combines two objects in one, a mobile charger and a lamp. The surface of the light fixture ensures no charging cables are left in a tangled mess. This product is perfect for lighting bedrooms and living rooms, and a good option for hotels to consider.

NIKO image retrieved from ArchiExpo



The world today is becoming more and more conscious of the environment, especially when it comes to reducing waste and moving towards recycling. Consumers today want products that reflect this.

Hook by OiKo Design Office answers this call. The Hook is a portable eco-lamp has been optimized for all stages of its life cycle. This led to reducing its environmental impact between 30 percent and 70 percent. It is free from harmful PVC and it is made entirely out of recycled plastic.

Hook image retrieved from Darc Magazine



This is another trend that will be at the forefront of 2019. This movement of mobility in lighting products stems from those that seek the outdoors. The Take Away lamp by Nahtrang answers this call. Its design is inspired by lanterns and Japanese ceramic bowls. It is small, light, and cable-free. Its handle allows easy movement and its dimmable feature makes it perfect for your home, outdoor or festival nights. 

Take Away image retrieved Infurma