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Green Products for an Eco-Friendly Home

) Red Rivera |

As the world is striving towards a world that is more environmentally conscious (SEE: Stores to Visit for your Zero Waste Lifestyle) Philippine Geogreen has been in the game for a decade now. The company recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary and Philippine Geogreen continues to pave the way in reducing energy cost and one’s carbon footprint, as well as promoting sustainable living. 

During their celebration event, they presented products Filipinos can purchase for a more eco-friendly home. Their products were represented by elements of nature -- earth, wind, water, and fire. 

EARTH: Shorelock

This breakthrough product is ideal for beach resorts and villas. This technology protects and restores coastlines without dredging or purchasing new sand. With the Shorelock, the natural look of the coast is maintained, and guests can continue enjoying the magnificent view provided by the coast.

AIR: Haiku Fans

It’s hotter than ever here in the Philippines, and most of the time, it’s much better to stay indoors away from the scalding sun. Philippine Geogreen presents the Haiku ceiling fans which give off a cooling effect that also conserves energy thanks to its award-winning motor. The fans are designed to look sleek and modern and it’d be a beautiful addition to one’s home. This is also prized as the most energy-efficient ceiling fan in the country.

Water: Atmospheric Water Generator

The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is perfect for the hot and humid season. It works by creating water from humid ambient air. In other words, this device creates water out of thin air. The device is able to do this by condensing the water vapor in the air through the process of cooling the air below its dew point. Aside from a less humid room, this device also creates potable water thanks to its multiple stages of filtration.

FIRE: Solatube Daylighting Solutions & LumActiv

Light is an important aspect of any home as it illuminates our way. Natural lighting, in particular, is key for a brighter home. The Solatube captures the sun’s rays and it is easy to install without doing structural changes to the building. Besides this, there is also LumActiv which is a paint coating that can clean the air once it is activated by natural light or electric light. It is ideal for homes in the city where smog can be the thickest. This paint coat reduces the need for repainting and maintenance. 

“The green movement is catching on among Filipinos, but their options to live sustainably is rather limited. Many green solutions available in developed nations are not available in the country, so we established Philippine Geogreen to help Filipinos embrace a green lifestyle. We are happy that in just 10 years, we have helped thousands of Filipinos bring sustainable solutions to their homes and business, which is a key step in helping save the environment. We will definitely introduce more cutting-edge products in the years to come,” said Liza Morales-Crespo, Chief Executive Officer of Philippine Geogreen. 

Image retrieved from Philippine Tatler