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Planning to Move Back Home? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

) Katrina Gadong |

Maybe you're one of the many who left their small towns to try their luck in the hopes of "making it" in the big city but can't seem to create a considerable dent anywhere despite how hard and how long you've worked. Now you find yourself low on personal motivation and, not to mention, still struggling to make ends meet, either trying to pay off debts or feeling limited with your meager resources. Tired of the cut-throat, fast-paced environment and looking for a chance to slow things down, even just a little? Perhaps you've been considering to move back to your home province for a break or for good, but don't know where to start. Below we list down some questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge.

How soon can you leave your current space?
Before gathering your bags and clearing out your room in an instant, first examine your current living arrangement. Usually, renting apartments or condominium units have a 6-months to 1-year legally-binding contract, and breaking its conditions can have serious consequences. 

Is your lease ending soon or do you still have a few months to go? Should you really need to leave right away, perhaps talk to your landlord and come up with a compromise. Just remember to if you wish to move back home, think of a proper transition from your current space to your new/old home.

What's going to happen to all your stuff?
Admit it, you have accumulated a ton of things in your current home and feel overwhelmed just by thinking about how in the world you are going to haul them all with you wherever you plan on going next. Fear not, you don't have to bring each and every item. In fact, this change in address is the perfect opportunity to Marie Kondo your personal belongings. You can sell these unnecessary items, give them to friends, donate them, or just throw them away. 

As for the things you are taking with you, research on shipment options: choosing to send your belongings via airline cargo might mean strict processes and rules; driving your car along with your stuff via RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) can be an adventure; and taking the same flight with your boxes as checked-in luggage may end up being so expensive. Just choose which one works best for you, your budget, and your capacity.

Where are you going to live?
Are you really going back to your parents' house or finding your own place? Are you going to be sharing it with friends or living alone? Home does not necessarily mean the house you've lived in as a child; it can easily be your hometown in general. Not all of us are welcomed to our folks' homes with open arms, and maybe you're in this case as well. 

Besides, being in the proximity of familiar places like the clinic of your family doctor where you got your flu shots growing up, the park you've frequented in your elementary years, or the ice cream parlor your aunts and uncles treated you on weekends may be comforting enough. Perhaps with this environment, you can jumpstart that new phase of your life you're trying to focus on in no time.*