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Setting up your living room to host events

Red Rivera |

The holidays are here and you’re sure to have many get-togethers to attend. If you have a small party set at your house, here are some tips to make your living room the perfect place for hosting an event.

1. L-shaped couches can offer a lot of space

Things can get cramped in a living room… especially when you’ve got a lot of people walking and sitting around, trying to make conversations. With an L-shaped couch, people can easily gather around and comfortably talk on the couch.

2. Add a variety of seats

Chairs, sofas, ottomans, and so on add variety in a living-room. Play around with different colors and textures to make your living room interesting. Arrange your seats to the sides of the room and add tables in the middle.

3. Find versatile pieces

While you’d want your living room to be appropriate for hosting events, you’d also want it cozy for days when it’s just you and your family enjoying the room. To give you a few ideas, wide divans can act like a daybed, couches can be moved around depending on your needs, and so on.

4. Coffee tables are essential

It’s always a good idea to have a coffee table in your living room. These act as a centerpiece to a living room, and acts as a nice way to put everything together. It’s also good for guests to put down their drink (as long as they have a coaster!) as they mingle with other guests.

5. Express yourself through your furniture

You’d want your furniture to reflect your own personality and something that fits your lifestlye. If you like keeping things clean, simple and minimalist, find furniture that reflects that, but if you like things warm, cozy, and eclectic, that’s something completely different for you to find to reflect that. 

6. Create nooks

You have your main seating area, but you also have your corners of the room. These make for great spots to create nooks. These spots create an ideal location for everyday leisure activities or intimate spots to have a conversation in. You only need three things: a small ottoman, a sofa or chairs, and a coffee table.

7. Incorporate conversation starters

You’ve already found furniture to reflect your personality, but you can always find more pieces to display to reflect who yourself. You could display favorite books, art pieces, souvenirs from trips, and so on and they could make for great conversation starters when you have guests at home. 

Make sure to scatter them around thoughtfully so guests can linger around the living room for longer.