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Swimming Through the Traffic Pool: Carpooling Apps in Metro Manila

) Katrina Gadong |

Share a ride, meet new friends, save some cash. With Metro Manila traffic becoming unbearable by the minute and the Christmas rush slowly kicking in, carpooling may just be your best option in getting to work on time or simply going about this busy city. 

A comfortable alternative to driving your own car or commuting via public transportation, this system will not only reduce the volume of vehicles along the major highways like EDSA and C5 (thus cutting travel time and pollution), it will also save you on gas and car maintenance costs for drivers or an unsafe and cramped riding experience for commuters. But instead of doing old school like hitching, ride-haling mobile apps always comes to the rescue in this digital age! Here are available carpool booking apps we highly recommend for your daily grind.

Given its popularity thus bringing in the most number of drivers/cars, Grab's GrabShare feature has been the more known choice when it comes to carpooling. This service offers rates up to 30% less than GrabCar (their 4-seater vehicle option), an opportunity for passengers to meet new people, as well as a chance for users to tag along one friend. Just be informed of all the possible scenarios which may cause your intended travel time to be longer than usual such as being matched with other riders any time during the trip and being the last to be dropped off even when you're the first to be picked up. GrabShare is unavailable from 1am to 5am.

Instead of professional drivers, Wunder encourages people who drive to work alone and has dedicated transport shifts to share their cars while earning from it at the same time. Users are able to check people headed in the same direction: drivers get to choose and accept individuals who request for a ride whereas passengers can sign up for their desired carpool ride. Bookings must be made a day before your trip.

Initially offering shuttle services for a maximum of seven passengers per van when it started its operations in July 2016, this homegrown ride-hailing app began facilitating the booking of taxi, private car, and carpool rides a year later in 2017. Passengers are assigned to vehicles accompanying other riders with the same pick-up point and a destination within a 15-kilometer distance. Unlike its competitors, this option does not surge its prices depending on time of day and weather.