Keeping your Bedroom Organized

The bedroom is your own sanctuary. Do you keep your own haven clean and organized?

The bedroom is one of the rooms you spend the most time at. It’s a place where you let your guard down as you sleep soundly, it’s the first room you see once you wake up, it’s your sanctuary, your place of peace. Having said all of that, do you keep your own haven clean and organized?

If your bedroom is a decluttered mess, then you might not be getting the sanctuary you deserve. Here are a few tips to keep your bedroom clean and organized.

Start Decluttering 

Before you can get started in organizing your room, you need to clean up and get rid of the stuff that is making your room so messy. Do you have a pile of books and/or magazines haphazardly stacked on your nightstand? Are your clean clothes and dirty clothes separated properly? Make sure to do your laundry and dedicate closet or drawer space to place your clothes.

Make sure to keep in mind that having too many decorative items can make your room look very messy. Take away the items you don’t care for and dedicate space for the items you decided to keep. If you have jewelry and/or makeup, make sure to dedicate space for that as well. If these items are left out of drawers, shelves, or its containers, it can quickly make your room look messier than it actually is.

Make the room work for you

Now that you have all that stuff neatly tucked away, maybe consider to move things around a little bit. For instance, if your bed is placed right beside the wall, it can be hard to make in the morning. It’ll be much easier to do if your headboard is against the wall.

Make sure you have a spot in your bedroom where you can sit for when you’re putting on makeup or your skincare, or a spot to sit for when you’re reading something, and so on.

If you keep a computer in your room, consider taking it out of the bedroom if possible. The bedroom is your personal space for rest, if you tend to work inside your bedroom, the room can quickly be engulfed in paper making the whole room messy again.

Back to bed

A made bed is one of the indicators of a clean and organized room. If you keep your bed messy, it can quickly make the whole room like a mess. Start the habit of making your bed in the morning if you haven’t yet, making your bed is actually a great way to start your day.

If you tend to go overboard with using decorative pillows, you can use a decorative bin or a basket to keep your pillows in when you’re using the bed. This is way cleaner and organized than leaving your pillows in the floor.

Under the bed?

If your closet is too full to put anything in, you can use the space under your bed. The space under the bed is actually one of the most-overlooked storage spaces. You can keep suitcases or out of season clothing. Just find a nice container or two to keep all your stuff organized. If you want to hide the stuff you put down there, you can use a bed skirt to hide what’s underneath your bed.

Multi-function furniture

For the last tip, it’s a good idea to choose furniture that serves for both its style and function. Your nightstand should be able to give you ample storage space for you’re the items you need close to you before you sleep or after you wake up. It’d also be convenient to have a socket near the nightstand so you can install a reading lamp.