Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Overspending on your groceries? Here’s a few tips to prevent that!


Shopping for groceries is an essential thing to do in the household, but if you go into the grocery unprepared, you might end up spending too much money. This is especially the case when you buy way more than you need or when you buy a lot of useless things.

In order to stop yourself from making useless purchases, here are a few things you can do:

Observe your household. Figure out the items you regularly use at home. Separate it into three groups, namely:

  • Personal items – this includes clothes, toiletries, medication, etc of everyone in your home
  • All shared items – this one includes food, beverages, first aid supplies, and whatever else is shared at home
  • Household items – these are your cleaning supplies, appliances, fixtures, and so on. These items are shared but not necessarily used by everyone.

Now that you’ve identified and organized items you regularly use, take note of the items that are depleted quickly. This should give you an idea of how much of something you should be buying. If you live in a condo with roommates, perhaps you can opt to do grocery shopping for everyone all in one go. You can simply split the bill and separately pay for personal items. Maybe you can even save money if you use the same product as your roomie.

Consider your options. Before you shop for anything, look over your list again and think back if you really need to buy all the items on your list. Maybe there are things on your list you can make or grow yourself to save more money.

The grocery also offers a plethora of brands you can choose from. Make sure to buy products that are efficient as much as they are affordable. In other words, find something sulit for yourself!

You might also want to consider shopping online if you think that’s the cheaper option. It’s a lot faster than having to go to the grocery yourself. However, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself shopping too much! Consumers are prone to spending more when it comes to digital transactions.

Keep watch. Besides watching your consumption, keep an eye on your local market, supermarket, your go-to grocery store, and so on! You might find a great discount that’ll save you a lot of money, or perhaps find a new great product to use! Some have observed that shopping malls do three-day sales during payday weekends and long weekends, maybe you can take advantage of that.

Bulk isn’t always best. Buying items in bulk may be tempting, especially if you hate making constant trips to the supermarket, but if you won’t consume the products you buy quickly, you just might end up wasting a lot of money. If you’re certain in buying bulk, make sure the items you purchase will be consumed no longer than a month’s time. This is because items sold in bulk are usually near their best-before dates or expiration.

Bring your own bag. Besides being an environmentally friendly option, it is also the cheaper option. Bringing your own bag saves money and the earth! Now, what’s not to like about that?