Items you need to clean out of your bathroom

Got a stinky bathroom? Maybe it’s time to clean out your bathroom!

Is your bathroom still cluttered and odorous no matter the lengths you go through to clean it? Well, you’re probably doing something wrong. For some people, they find cleaning relaxing and soothing, for others… well, let’s just say they’d rather avoid the whole thing entirely.

Besides scrubbing your bathroom clean with your bleach-water combination, here are a few things to remove from your bathroom that will leave the place cleaner and more spacious.

Unused face creams

Admit it, at some point you went ahead and bought expensive face cream but you never went around to actually use it. It’s the same for any other cosmetic product you might have there. I know it can be hard to let go of a product you spent thousands of pesos on, but keeping it will only irritate your skin. Go over the products you have stored in your bathroom. Keep the ones you use regularly and discard everything else.

Your old toilet brush

If you’ve had your toilet brush for a few years now, this is your sign to replace it with a new one. These brushes aren’t meant to last forever and it’s probably seen better days anyway. Wrap your toilet brush with a paper or plastic bag and head for the store for a new one.

The towels nobody ever touches

Perhaps you’re one of those that like to keep all their towels stored, the nice ones, the soft ones, the colorful ones, the threadbare ones, the smelly ones… hey, wait a minute… Take this opportunity to look over the towels you have at home and choose a small selection of towels to keep. Having too much is just excessive and wasteful at this point. You can throw these towels away or perhaps donate them to an animal shelter.

Broken and/or unused electronics

Have you ever bought yourself a hair dryer, hair curler, electric razor, epilator, body massager, or electronic face cleanser that you used once and never again? Well, much like those old and/or expensive cosmetic products you need to let these items go. Keeping these gadgets but leaving them unused doesn’t increase its value, it just adds clutter. It’s time to let go.

Unused bathroom decoration

It’s nice to have your bathroom decorated with small trinkets here in there, it adds personality and life to a room. But if you find that your bathroom decoration is piling up and dusty, then that might not be the best image to represent you. To avoid all this needless clutter, clean out the decorations you could do without and keep the ones you actually like.