Japan International Property Awards


Event Overview

Winners reward & Benefits

1) A special feature article in PropertyAccess.co and affiliated partners media

2) Coveted trophy at the PropertyAccess.co Awards 2018 Appreciation Night 

3) Use of PropertyAccess.co Awards 2018 logo/monogram on corporate and A&P collaterals for 2 years

4) Credit mention of winners in all PropertyAccess.co Award 2018 related publicity write-up

5) Opportunity to attend and speak at special workshops/talks organised by PrpertyAccess.co

Award Categories 

- Most Iconic Development 

- Best High-Rise Residential Development 

- Best Family-Friendly Development 

- Best Leisure Development 

- Best Green Feature Development 

- Best Mix-Integrated Development 

- Best Resort Home Development 

- Best Affordable Home Development 

- Best Hotel Suite Development 

- Best Township 

- Best Retirement Housing Development 

- Best Luxury High-Rise Development 



The Judging Process

1) The judges will be using weighted marks for responses to criteria/guidelines as set out in each category of Awards 2018 in the entry submitted to arrive at their final decision. 

2) The award categories will be reviewed by selected judges that will include industry professionals. 

3) During the judging session, shortlisted developers will be required to send a representative (preferably senior management) from the participating development project to attend and present the development to the panel of judges. 

Be a Winner


Write in to awards@propertyaccess.co 

with the following information:

1) Company Name

2) Participating Award / Awards

3) Nominated Development / Developments

4) Nominated Development / Developments Website


ー Eligibility Requirements ー

In order to qualify as a contestant for any of the award categories, the developers must meet the following requirements:

1) A company duly incorporated in their respective country.

2) Participating developments must obtain (Obtained for completed projects) Developer Licence, Sales and Advertising Permit or which ever the country they represent law enforcement.

3) All property projects must be located in outside Japan.

4) Companies are allowed to submit multiple entries per category upon the approval by the organisers.

5) Have been in property business operations for at least five (5) years.


麗澤大学客員教授、一般社団法人不動産協会副理事長専務理事 元国土交通省土地建設産業局長

内田 要 氏

公益財団法人日本賃貸住宅管理協会 副会長・東京都支部長

塩見 紀昭 氏

株式会社アトム 代表取締役

青井 茂 氏

ケネディクス株式会社 取締役会長

川島 敦 氏

日本大学教授 マサチューセッツ工科大学不動産研究センター研究員

清水 千弘 氏

プロパティエージェント株式会社 代表取締役

中西 聖 氏

一般社団法人リノベーション推進協議会 会長

内山 博文 氏

株式会社ツクルバ(tsukuruba inc.) 代表取締役 CCO

中村 真広 氏


Please select the property you want to vote for each award category.

Most Iconic Development

Best High-Rise Residential Development

Best Family-Friendly Development

Best Leisure Development

Best Green Feature Development

Best Mix-Integrated Development

Best Resort Home Development

Best Hotel Suite Development

Best Township

Best Luxury Condominium Development

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