Listings Quality Policy

Last modified: November 29, 2019

Advertising Listings

You may only list properties that you are the contracted listing agent for. If you do not comply with this and we don’t take action right away, it doesn’t mean that we are waiving our right to remove the listing or terminate your account.

Open Listings

You are not permitted to advertise open listings which is any listings that is employing more than one listing agent.

Exclusive Listings

You may advertise an exclusive (also referred to as pocket) listing, which is any listings that is off-market or offered only to specific buyers, as long as you are the contracted, exclusive listing agent.

Newly Constructed and Pre-Selling Properties

As long as the developer has granted you the right to advertise a listing, you may advertise it. If the newly constructed or pre-selling property does not have an established address, we may alter or modify the listing to reflect accurate information.

Complete Address and Privacy

A complete address is required to investigate listings and maintain listing quality. Each listing submission must include a complete address, including the street number and if applicable, unit number. The street number and unit number will not be publicly displayed by default. If we are unable to verify a listing with an incomplete address, we may remove the listing at any time, without warning.

Complete and Accurate Information

Listings that do not include a complete set of data that includes, without limitation, photos, listing description and property details, will not be accepted.

Listings must be updated at least one time per day to ensure that consumers have access to the most up to date and accurate information.

Prohibited Listings

You may not advertise industrial real estate, timeshares, and vacation rentals.

Limitations on Self-Promotion and Marketing

You may not include marketing information, including, without limitation, an agent’s name, company name, logo, contact information on listing photos, whether as text, a watermark, or otherwise; nor can you include marketing information, including, without limitation, an agent’s name, and contact information in the listing description.