Property Styling: Is it worth it?

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First impressions do not only apply to agents when it comes to property selling. It also applies to the property being marketed. 

With an increasing supply of available properties in the market, it is a challenge to make yours stand out. But that is when property styling comes into play to give you an edge in the game.

Property styling, or also known as home staging, is improving the overall aesthetics of your property. It is bringing your home under the best light to showcase its potential to prospective buyers. 

Home staging does not have to be expensive at all. You can either use your own furniture and art pieces, or rent them for a short-term to set up the place for the listing photos or the viewing. It can also be as simple as painting the walls as well as rearranging or removing some items in the place. 

Property styling has a number of benefits for home sellers:

Creating appeal to the target audience

You can decorate the property according to the certain look or feel that your target market is looking for. It is all about maximizing the potential of the property and for your buyers to see that.

Filling an empty home

Home staging fills in the gaps of the home you are selling. It lets your potential buyers imagine themselves living in the property. Seeing a semi-furnished space is more preferable than seeing an empty shell. 

Having great first impressions

As mentioned before, properties also receive first impressions from the buyers. When they are wowed the minute they first view the property, they are more likely to consider purchasing it.

Setting your property apart from the rest

Elevate your home from the rest and attract more buyers by styling it. The longer you have the property in the market, the more mortgage that needs to be paid. Property styling allows for you to sell the property faster so that you can focus on marketing another. 

Maximizing your sale price

Styling your property can increase its value. Aside from them spending less time in the market, they can also likely be sold above the asking price.

Apart from its benefits, home staging also has its downsides. There will be instances wherein styling your property is not worth the trouble. For example, you do not need to style an inexpensive small studio unit in the suburbs. Know when the expense and effort of styling the property would give a good return on your investment. That way, you can make the most out of it.

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