Top 10 Things Buyers Look For In A Home

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Ever wondered why your property is taking quite long to exit the market and get into the hands of a buyer? It is not much of a surprise at this present time since people are prioritizing purchasing their daily necessities. Or, chances are that you are just not ticking the right boxes in what consumers are looking for in a potential home.

Here is our top 10 list of things that buyers look for in purchasing a home along with some tips to help you get on track.

  1. Good location and site

As they say, the most important thing in looking for a home is location. A strategically placed location is being a few minutes, or even seconds away from important establishments such as schools, retail and recreational centers, public transportation, and hospitals. If your property has easy access to these places, you can highlight that as one of your good selling points.

A good site on the other hand is having easy and safe access to the property itself. Is it located beside the main road? Is it sitting on top of the hill? Can neighbors see directly into your windows? The key here is to highlight the accessibility of your property. 

  1. Safe neighborhood

Safety is top priority when it comes to looking for a potential home. Home buyers are looking for a place where they can safely walk, run, or bike within the vicinity. It is even better when they can have their children or loved ones explore within the area or just stay inside without having the fear of crimes or violent circumstances happening in the area.

To guarantee the buyer their safety when they choose to live in your offered home, you can invest in home security features such as smart locks, CCTV cameras, and the like.

  1. Low cost maintenance

What buyers want the least is having a high maintenance house. With the current hustle culture in the workplace, they wouldn’t want to spend their weekends completing maintenance repairs. Make sure that the house is in pristine condition before putting it up for sale in the market. You can point out new features that your property has so as to tell your buyers that this home has been kept well.

  1. Smart home features

We live in the technological age wherein technology is heavily integrated in a good home experience. Property seekers are looking for smart home features such as controllable lighting systems, water heating systems, as well as smart security systems like keypad door locks. If you have any of the listed features in your property, it will be good to highlight them in your listing.

  1. Strong broadband or wi-fi signal

Similar to the previous point, alongside technology, the internet has also made itself an important part of a good home experience. With most online activities only made possible with the internet, present-day home buyers also consider the wifi or data signal strength in their new home. It would be a big bonus for most if your property already has an installed wifi router for internet connection. If you don’t, you might want to consider having one installed.

  1. Property size and floor plan

This differs for people according to their lifestyle and preference. Although, no matter what the house size is, it is advantageous for a property to have an open floor plan, because it is more flexible and can accommodate the needs of the buyer. Having an open floor plan is to not define the use of a room. It allows for the buyer to define it themselves when they purchase your property.

  1. Good storage capacity

Having a large storage space has been a sought after feature recently with home owners not wanting to sacrifice any living space in their rooms. Of course, anyone would want more room for their creativity and expansions. Having a separate storage space or closet room would be highly attractive in a listing, especially for the new generation of home buyers who value the overall aesthetic of their home.

  1. Dedicated workspace

With the ongoing pandemic in place, the current workforce has adapted a work-from-home setup. Homes where they can set up a dedicated workspace for themselves is considered an attractive property. If you have a furnished property for sale, you might want to consider setting up a work zone inside. You can follow these tips in creating an ideal workspace at home. 

  1. Energy efficient

Going “green” has become more important and emphasized in consumer behavior in recent years and that also applies in purchasing properties. Not only does having an energy efficient home help them save the environment, but it also saves them money on utility bills. 

You can make small efforts to make your property more energy efficient by installing LED lights, or home appliances that use less energy.

  1. Potential for future projects

Home properties are often subject to customization or renovation after purchase for it to fit the home owner’s image of their dream home. This is why buyers are keeping an eye on the scale of the customization they can or need to do in a property when they scout for one. The closer the property is to their dream home, the closer you are to getting that sale. However, if that’s not the case, having the potential to be there can be enough to still seal that deal.

How is your property checklist? Have you gotten most of what’s listed above? If yes, then maybe all you need is to improve on your listing. It’s all about highlighting the right features to attract home buyers to your property.


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