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10 Cute Christmas Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Worried about overspending this season? No idea what to get your loved ones? Don't sweat it. Here are 10 simple and easy gift ideas for the holidays.

Worried about overspending this season? No idea what to get your loved ones? Don't sweat it. Here are 10 simple and easy gift ideas for the holidays.

It's not the holiday season if you're not going to do some shopping! Your job probably has the fun and exciting (albeit compulsory) Secret Santa, and your nieces and nephews are most likely expecting to get something from you too. But what if you're on a shoestring budget and can't spend on anything over 3 or 4 figures? What if you have no idea what the person you're giving your gift to wants? Worry no more! Here are 10 gifts that'll give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Portable Blenders

Top view of the blender with berries inside.

We see advertisements of these everywhere, and understandably so. Heavily endorsed by fitness influencers and healthcare professionals alike, portable blenders have proven to be the go-to for anyone's easy and convenient nutrition fix. You can put anything in them, from leafy greens to protein to fruit juices and dairy, or maybe even everything at once. Gift a portable blender below P500 to someone in your circle who's health conscious or looking to explore more choices when it comes to how they take in the good stuff.

2. Christmas Candles

Scented candle with red backdrop.

Who doesn't like the scent of eggnog, cinnamon, and pine trees, right? What more if these were put in a "time capsule" that you can light any time of the year, especially when you're feeling nostalgic or randomly festive? Or maybe just getting yourself into the holiday hype. Either way, Christmas candles do just the trick. What's even more delightful is that there are Christmas candles that are sure to hit home because they literally smell like your house during the holidays. Noche Buena and puto bumbong scented candles are a surefire hit to those whose favorite time of the year is the holiday season.

3. Insulated Bottles

Two girls in workout attire holding pastel insulated bottles.

Tired of waiting for an insulated bottle brand to go on sale? Forget that unpredictable waiting game and switch to local insulated bottle brands for only less than P800! Keep your coffee warm and your water cold as ice with these handy and cute insulated bottles that come in many different colors, from pastel pink to army green to bright red. You can even get these customized: have your name or initials etched on them, or even put a keychain or a lanyard on it.

4. Motivational Books

A bookshelf filled with books and vintage cameras.

What better way to uplift your family or friends' spirits after a draining and frustrating year than to send them love through inspirational and motivational books. Self-help books can only cost less than P900, and can really make a difference in someone's life philosophy. Send these over to friends who are really into reading and self-help stuff. Otherwise, it would be better to get them something else from this list.

5. Board & Card Games

A man playing chess.

Everyone is already on their phones, iPads, and laptops both at work and during their downtime. Let your eyes take a break from the brightness of the screen (and also the radiation you'll get from them) by playing board games. These can exercise your mind and build stronger rapport with those around you too. You can pick from the new and fun ones like Jenga or Cards Against Humanity to the more classic ones like chess or scrabble.

6. Carryall Totes

A plain black tote bag.

While tiny bags are all the rage these days, your go-getter friends who always run errands may need tote bags that can hold all of their belongings while on the go. Get affordable yet sturdy carryalls at both brick-and-mortar and online stores. Carryall totes can get you worried because it can ruin your look, but there are actually a lot of different styles that can match any type of outfit you have for the day.

7. Pots for Plants

Two uniquely shaped yellow plant pots.

If you know someone who needs to transfer their plant babies to a bigger home, then it's time you gave them a large plant pot. Minimalist pots like the one pictured above can be found in online stores for less than P300. You can choose from pastel colored terracotta pots to the marble-print ceramic ones with gold details. Depending on their aesthetic, pick a pot that the one you're giving your gift to would appreciate and find useful for their plants.

8. Bullet Journals & Planners

Marble textured journal cover.

If you know someone who's tirelessly listing their agenda for the day, week, month and year, it's great to give them a planner so they won't have to get one for themselves anymore. Your friends who love typography, digital art, keepsakes, and all things adorable can also use a cute bullet journal. There are motivational journals, calendars, and journaling bibles/prayer journals that don't look boring and plain. Bask yourself in delight with hundreds of options for journaling and organizing that are only less than P900.

9. Warm Socks

Grey knitted socks.

This time of year means colder days and nights. Keep your loved ones warm and fuzzy with holiday socks that only cost two figures. You can also choose to purchase sets that are only less than P500. Christmas socks are sure to keep the freezing cold at bay and make the holidays a little warmer for your friends and family.

10. Bluetooth Earphones & Headphones

Grey wired earphones on top of the table.

Most devices don't come with ports for earphones anymore, so it's best to buy your family and friends some Bluetooth earphones they can listen to music with while cooking, working out, or just chilling. Online shopping sites have flash sales where you can get Bluetooth earphones and headphones for just P800. This is the perfect choice for your musician friends or just those who are music enthusiasts.

Bonus: Paintings

A wall filled with various paintings.

Unlike before, paintings aren't all that expensive anymore. You can get just about any kind of digital art, abstract art, or something more personal like commissioned pieces for just below P600. Paintings can be bought from online stores, social media sites, and physical stores alike, and you can match the aesthetic of your recipient accordingly.

Your Turn!

What's your go-to holiday gift? Do you think this list is complete? Remember that just by being creative and resourceful, you can give your loved ones and friends some much-needed holiday surprises without going over your budget. Raid your favorite shopping place and grab these goodies now to spread some holiday cheer!