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10 Most Luxurious Homes in the Metro PH

Rich people look at the benefits and long-term gains of a luxurious life before they ask for the price. Here are the top 10 most luxurious homes.

Why do rich people love luxury? From expensive cars to sophisticated houses, luxurious properties are more than just money and bling. Many people invest in luxurious houses to get access to a premium and extremely beneficial lifestyle.

The benefits of having a premium and luxurious house may include a perfect location, high-tech security, family-centric design, a breathtaking experience with nature, elegant and highly functional design, optimized spaces, and smart features. Check out the 10 most luxurious homes for sale in the Metro and visualize your own luxurious lifestyle!

Ultra-Modern Mansion Overlooking Cebu City Skyline

3-storey house facade.

All levels of this ultra-modern mansion has a 220° view of the main Cebu City Skyline. Located on a prime lot with downhill topography, this fully-furnished and brand new home blends with nature to create open spaces where energy can flow freely.

With 800m2 floor area, this house’s ultra-modern design and smart automation prioritizes comfort and functionality. It also comes with premium amenities such as a large infinity pool and elevator.

Tropical Luxury Home in Loyola Grand Villas

Modern living area with view of the garden.

Bring your dream countryside vacation home in the heart of the city and create a sweet tropical paradise through this tropical luxury home in Loyola Grand Villas. This house is close to prestigious Philippine universities and business districts.

Why plan a sweet countryside escape when you can live with breathtaking views and lush flora in the city? With 520m2 floor area, this house has a large garden and a balcony overlooking the mountain ranges from Quezon City to Rizal.

Sophisticated and Stunning Residential Home in Ayala Alabang Village

Living room area with grand piano.

Refresh your mindset in the clean geometry and sophisticated spaces of this stunning residential home in the prestigious Ayala Alabang Village. Its sleek and smart design removes visual clutter to promote pleasant and thoughtful living spaces.

With 762 m2 lot area, the wide spaces in this luxury home easily adapts to a family’s changing needs. It also has smart and healthy features. Large glass windows invite natural light during the day while solar panels bring sustainable energy at night.

Bright and Cozy Vacation House in Tagaytay Heights

Facade of a luxurious 2-storey home.

Fall into the bright and cozy embrace of this luxury vacation house in Tagaytay Heights. It is perfectly located in the bosom of Tagaytay’s breathtaking landscape, and the highlands are visible from all of this house’s second floor balconies.

With 507 m2 lot area, this vacation house is best for hosting family reunions and big group escapades. Forget expensive hotels and think of luxurious and unlimited staycation experiences. Warm tones, bright spaces, and cozy weather—everything about this house paints the picture of a restful and refreshing vacation.

Majestic Mansion Atop Antipolo’s Mountain Crest

Aerial view of the luxury home with pool.

This majestic mansion atop Antipolo’s mountain crest mirrors the luxurious lifestyle of royals in their castles. This is a dream mansion that blends together with nature. It stands tall on the elevated ground of Valley Golf Parkridge Estate and enjoys breathtaking views of the city skyline.

With 1382 sqm lot area, this mansion has massive spaces and multiple amenities for different family activities. It also brags a huge 9-car garage and a wide swimming pool perfect for big families.

Elegant and Stylish Industrial Home in Ayala Heights

Bare receiving area of the industrial home.

This elegant and stylish industrial home in Ayala Heights integrates the colorful past into our modernized present. It has a high ceiling, emphasizing a spacious and minimalist interior with lots of room for creative pieces.

With 510 sqm lot area, this house has an open space layout and high elevation. It also faces south, which implies good fortune in Feng Shui.

Modern and Classy Family Home in Parañaque

Facade of a modern 2-storey home and garage.

This modern and classy family home in Parañaque borrows the special features of a functional industrial design. It incorporates sleek metals, brick walls, and wood into the design to give a modern and classy look.

With 307 sqm lot area, this house is neither too big nor too small. With 2 balconies and a 2-car garage, it has the right amount of space for a comfortable and luxurious way of living.

Dream Skypod With a Million-Dollar View of Cebu City

Modern 2-storey home with a skypod and pool.

This high-end single detached dream skypod just like Tony Stark’s mansion. It stands 1000 ft above sea level, on the last available mountain property in Montezerras de Cebu. It boasts a million-dollar view of the beautiful Cebu skyline, including nearby islands of Mactan and Bohol.

This luxury house makes indoor living feels like outdoor living. The design perfectly blends residential life with an immersive experience of nature. With 416 m2 lot area, this house takes advantage of glass walls, floating decks, and an infinity pool to create continuous spaces flowing into each other.

Best of all, this dream skypod belongs to a refreshing and calm community. It’s close to both nature and city—generally a 10-minute drive from all important establishments in the city.

Pleasant and Spacious Modern Residence in Parañaque

Marbled facade of a 2-storey modern home.

Using modern and stylish architecture, this pleasant and spacious residence in Parañaque can comfortably accommodate a growing family. The house’s exterior hints what people can expect in the interior: sophisticated and smart.

The house has a high ceiling, making the indoors spacious and a good place to accommodate a family’s changing needs. It also has many glass windows to take advantage of natural sunlight. With 350 m2, the house has a garden and two extra rooms for the maids and drivers.

Warm and Welcoming Contemporary Home in Pasig

Low angled shot of the Pasig home from the outside.

This contemporary home in Pasig welcomes warm and invigorating sunlight through its massive glass doors and windows. Similar to its contemporary architecture, the goal of this house is to display simplicity and elegance at the same time.

The house’s open floor plan welcomes change and lets light flow freely to illuminate all the spaces. With 200 m2 lot area, this house has three levels, an elevator, and a wide garage. It’s perfect for a growing family.

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