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6 Things All Dream Homes Have In Common

Think high ceilings in your living room, enough space to entertain on Sunday afternoons, and your very own bathroom.

Dream homes can mean different things for different people, but more often than not, they share these 6 features. From a kitchen essential to a tiny home inside your very own, here are arguably the things many homeowners want the most in their perfect personal spaces.

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Open floor layout with living room, dining area, and kitchen

High Ceilings And Open Floor Plans

Open-concept living is a modern interior design trend, yet it's one to stay. Gone are the days of separate rooms and an abundance of walls. Nowadays, it's all about clear sight lines and bright light. To add to open layouts, tall ceilings amplify that feeling of spaciousness and make the back walls go on forever.

Open-floor plans and high ceilings are especially coveted in smaller spaces, like condominium units in the metro. This is because open layouts and tall rooms create an expansive visual treatment that feels less well, closed in. Another benefit of living in an open space is that you are able to see what's going on around the house at most points, which is important for parents watching over their kids while making dinner or anyone in the business of entertaining guests and have to run in and out of the kitchen.

Gray blue wall storage unit with home accessories and green plants

Storage, Storage, Storage

Open layouts are only effective and highly coveted when there are select home pieces that mark areas in a space and very little clutter scattered around. To design a space that feels open, uncluttered and airy, you have to invest in good storage solutions that address your needs all while blending seamlessly into the architecture of your home. Think credenzas, wall storage units, and furniture that transform or is built into storage like murphy beds.

Storage space is integral in smaller homes, but are just as relevant in bigger builds. Some people dream of large houses, with a primary room that has its own bathroom and walk-in closet, maybe even a space to lounge and read a book. Some people live for a decked-out kitchen and a separate pantry the size of half a dorm room. Some people use the garage for more than just parking spots, and therefore wish for an organization system that works and won't affect the space's actual function. The idea is that your stuff has to have their own place in a dream home, unless you're dreaming of mess and clutter.

En suite bathroom with classic style fixtures and claw foot tub

En Suite Bathroom

Very few things in a home scream humble luxury more than an en suite bathroom. A dream-like abode doesn't skimp on necessary features, and a private oasis after a long day at work is a shoo-in for many home wish lists.

A bathroom attached to your bedroom not only grants you the privacy and space to use the room however you want, but it also makes dressing up and getting ready easier. Having your own bathroom also allows you to use the space however you need to, without risk of hogging the room altogether. Imagine never having to lug around your skincare products at night before you retreat to your bedroom because your bathroom's just a door away now that's the dream.

Kitchen island in a minimalist style house

A Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and for good reason. Food is essential to life, and it is often at the center of relationships and socialization.

Modern interior design has called for bigger kitchens and more functional eating spaces. In an open floor layout, kitchens become the primary entertainment zone where you can serve your guests food and drink, all while chatting and gathering 'round a table. This just isn't possible in a kitchen that's sectioned off in the back of a home.

To accommodate this new age lifestyle, kitchen islands are instrumental. With bar seating and an expansive surface, islands have allowed for a natural flow in the kitchen where people can come and go as they please. No longer is the kitchen a purely utilitarian space, with islands and center tables, it's become a hub for recreation.

Large bedroom with chaise lounge sofa

Functional Guest Suite

If you live far away from family, or just love to host guests for wine night, a guest suite may be at the top of your list when it comes to dream house features. Make your home the place to visit by building a mini sanctuary that your loved ones will love. Think a complete, tiny version of your lovely abode.

A guest suite, in its simplest form, must have a living space and its own bathroom. If you plan to house bigger families in your suite, consider multiple beds or at least double-duty furniture like sofa beds and storage benches. Grander units may have a kitchenette or even a balcony, much like a nicer hotel room. These features allow your guests to enjoy privacy while staying and socializing with you; on the flip side, these features allow you the same.

Outdoor table and chairs near pool and side garden

Outdoor Entertaining Space

In the city, outdoor space is akin to gold. While the ultimate dream for some may be to own a large home with ample outdoor footage in the city center, many have done a 180 and brought their lives away from the city, and closer to nature. Wherever you are in the world, exterior amenities and outdoor entertaining spaces are definite selling points, much more if you love having people over.

Dream homes often have all sorts of amenities in their outdoor space, from something as simple as a roofed patio and a barbecue grill set-up to a summer-appropriate pool with a jacuzzi attachment. While the indoor space houses all functional rooms, the outdoor space is where many homeowners tend to play around and really show off their personalities, much to the joy of their friends and loved ones who will undoubtedly love to visit. Think basketball courts, pool loungers, swing sets, and even treehouses the possibilities are truly endless.