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8 Bedroom Designs for Kids of All Ages

Have your kids outgrown their tiny beds? Do their bedrooms need an overhaul? Consider these bedroom makeover tips that cater to kids of any age, at any stage!

So many trends and so many choices. This is usually the dilemma when it comes to kids' bedrooms. However, it doesn't have to be too overwhelming and too complicated. Below is a list of design ideas and pieces to purchase for your kids' bedrooms according to their age.

But First, Get Their Seal of Approval!

A kid in striped shirt and denim jumper doing a double thumbs up.

Your kids wouldn't like if they woke up one day and their room is painted with a color they don't actually like. Let your kids say their piece when it comes to the design and the colorway of their own bedroom. However, if they're still too young to decide, then the parents would have to make that choice for their kids.

Then Weigh Your Options!

Phone calculator, some notebooks, and pencils on the table.

If there's an item that your child seems to like very much, check if it's an item that pops up everywhere, then research on which stores sell them for the cheapest price and go for that. Remember to check every home supplies store for item options and don't settle for just one source. Really explore your options, because you might regret buying an item right away when there are actually better choices in other stores. Aside from that, it's also good to have a color palette to follow and base your purchases from there.

Lastly, Think Ahead!

A man looking at a wall filled with interior design plans.

If your kids are still young, then chances are, they're going to change their minds in the future. Either they'll have their rooms redesigned, or they'll relocate to a bigger bedroom in the house when they're older. If they want the walls painted in a color they really like, then you can suggest to them that they just go for peel-and-stick wallpapers, especially if you want to preserve the original color of the walls of their bedroom.

Kids' Bedroom Designs

More than the trends and the endless options in the market, it all boils down to what your child really wants. All bedroom designs that are commonly suited for children according to age are compiled here. See if your kid wants any of these fun and cute designs and pieces for their rooms and get inspired to rearrange and redecorate the kids' rooms!

Ages 0-2: Baby-Friendly Crib

This is the first stage in choosing the right colors, shapes, and overall design for your child's bedroom.

A bedroom with a wooden crib and a wallpaper with a pencil sketch illustration.

Newborns to kids of 1-2 years of age still don't traditionally sleep in larger beds like the adults in the house, or their older siblings. It's key to choose a crib that's safe and ideal for your baby. Some of the best cribs to purchase are Babyletto, DaVinci, and RH Baby & Child, among others. These brands are GREENGUARD certified, meaning these are scientifically gauged and assessed to pass international standards regarding third-party chemical emissions. These cribs lessen indoor air pollution and minimize chemical exposure to the child.

Ages 3-5: Stuffed Toys & Pastels

A little upgrade from the ages 0-2 stage. This is a transition period from infancy to being a toddler.

A small bed with panda themed sheets and a small bed-side table.

Your baby is starting to grow a little more! But this doesn't mean the transition is going to be straightforward and quick. They're still very much babies after all. In terms of color scheme, stick to soft tones like pastel pinks, lilacs, and pistachio green for your baby daughters and soft blues, reds, and blacks for your baby sons. Have their little stuffed toys near them, as well as a wall of their drawings or pictures of them when they were younger.

Pastel pink bed sheets and a baby pink unicorn plushie on the bed.

Some kids may be afraid of the dark, so it's good to put a wall light sconce or a lamp on the nightstand for them. If their headboard isn't cushioned, protect your kids from hitting their head by putting a long hotdog pillow on their head, as pictured above. One good brand that specializes in customized designs for babies' and toddlers' brands is Spinkie Baby.

Ages 6-8: Customized Beds

At this stage, your kids are more mature and have some awareness of danger, so you no longer need to watch and protect their movements during sleep.

Customized bed that looks like a house.

It's time to bring out your inner handyman and build your kids a customized bed! But if you don't have the skillset for this, you can just have it built and custom-made. Visit this list of companies in the Philippines that offer this service, as well as other kids' furniture.  For boys, they can have race car or firetruck beds, or those that have their favorite cartoon or anime characters. For girls, they usually get a dollhouse bed in soft pinks and purples, or a heart-shaped headboard with quilting, as well as a canopy bed with glow in the dark stars! Your girls will surely love these.

Ages 9-11: Practical & Colorful

By this time, some kids have younger siblings on the way or have already grown up a bit just like them, so if the parent deems it necessary, they can make more economical choices when it comes to their children's bedrooms.

Matching single beds.

If you can put kids in the same room, then go ahead. Especially if they're the same gender, it's absolutely no problem. Proximity can increase closeness among siblings. If they're into it, you can match the colors of the bedsheets, blankets, and pillowcases, so your kids are "twinning" in a way. If you actually have twins or triplets, then it's all the more fitting!

A bunk bed with shelves underneath.

You can also purchase or build bunk beds/double decker beds if you feel like separate flat beds take up too much space at home. Decorate the bunk beds in a fun way, like putting Mexican banderitas on them, or painting the bunk beds in your kids' favorite colors! You can also paint the things they like on their double deckers, like their favorite food or a significant item or character from the games that they play, or TV series and movies that they watch.

Ages 12-14: Tape-Friendly Paint, Wallpaper, & Bigger Spaces

It's the pre-teen and teenage stage! During this time, expect your daughters 'fangirling' over K-pop boybands, animé characters, or teen idols. Your sons on the other hand, may be busy with playing new games on their iPads or PlayStations, or getting involved in sports like basketball or badminton.

A bed decorated with pastel colored pillows and silk sheets.

Expect their walls to be filled with posters, and their closets filled with merchandise from their idols or favorite shows. Consider getting tape-resistant paint or wallpapers for their rooms since the posters will be stuck to the walls for a long time. A bigger closet or dresser for their newly purchased merchandise is also a good idea. For boys, allot a bigger space as well for their gaming console, portable vehicles, or sports equipment. As for design, they've probably outgrown their race car beds or dollhouses. They might not also be able to study well in the company of their noisy siblings in double deck beds, so they're going to need their own regular beds in a separate room.

Ages 15-17: TikTok-Friendly

Your children are now unleashing their creative selves with dances on TikTok or vlogs on YouTube. Most kids these age have the desire to be up-to-date with current trends as far as bedroom design goes.

A girl painting her nails on her bed in her room with colored lights.

At this point in time, your kids would've probably completely outgrown their baby stage and start to become a little more mature when it comes to their tastes. It's time to replace the soft colors with darker ones, like blues, purples, reds, and blacks. You can give your children permission to have neon LED lights installed in their rooms as well. If you have extra budget, you can have a neon sign built inside their rooms for a cooler effect, or a ring light for them if they request for it.

Pink neon lights that say: "Nothing' to see here.."

Boys on the other hand, may need their space for multi-monitor setups, especially for gaming. Invest in sturdy desks that come in masculine colors, like blue, gray, or black. Young boys' rooms are also part of the neon trend, as many teenage boys' rooms have neon lights installed in them. They can choose to get neon LED lights or a neon lamp in their room too.

Ages 18-20: Artsy & Minimalist

Kids of this age tend to lean more towards getting art pieces for their rooms, like wall paintings.

Bedroom setup with a huge abstract painting above the bed.

Some art pieces that they might like are Scandinavian minimalist line art pieces or abstract paintings. They tend to veer away from extra cheerful colors, and tone things down to neutrals or earth tones with splashes of bright green, bronze, and powder blue. If they like more masculine colorways, then blacks and dark blues are ideal for them.

Ages 21+: Youthful & Modern

Young adult bedrooms tend to have some greenery in them, as well as softer tones and defined shapes. These are stark contrasts to bold, in-your-face colors and smooth shapes when they were way younger.

A modern and mature bedroom setup.

Perfect for the college age or working age, your older kids would most likely go for youthful pops of color with elements of modern art, regular and irregular shapes, nature, and fixtures that are more mature, yet still young and fresh. Consider buying a huge table in their bedroom that will serve as their workspace to do their university or work tasks.

Sets of shelves with plants and other decor.

You can also incorporate polished wood and shiny metallic fixtures, like shelves and chairs. These will seamlessly blend with the vibe and feel of their bedrooms. House plants can also breathe new life into their room, like dark green potted plants or hanging plants from metallic circular fixtures dropping down the ceiling.

It's Still Your Call Though!

These bedroom design ideas are not restricted to a certain age range only, as people have different preferences. This all depends on your child's personal taste, so let them have creative freedom when it comes to bedroom design. This hopefully inspired you and your kids to get going and start giving their bedrooms an upgraded look!


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