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AccessHighlight: Progressive Developer Torre Lorenzo

Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation has grown to be one of the youngest and most progressive developers in the Philippines 20 years down the line.

With a 20-year track record of delivering high-rise residences with uncompromising quality and premium amenities, Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation is a pioneer in premium student residences and certainly delivers their best to keep in mind their customers' needs and welfare. More than just student accommodation, TLDC now ventures into hotel and leisure, business parks, and other residential developments.

About Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation

At the turn of the millennium, Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) embarked on fulfilling its vision of providing stylish and contemporary living spaces to college students and bring them closer to their schools. The company recognized that the housing options available to students at the time were often cramped, dull, and not conducive to learning. And many young people had to endure gruelling commutes to get to school. From pioneering student residences in the country, the company has grown to become a dynamic, full-scale developer with mixed-use developments, leisure destinations, and townships across key growth areas in the Philippines. Torre Lorenzo continues to build secure, accessible, and dynamic spaces that elevate living experiences. Today, Torre Lorenzo projects are known for their prime locations, proactive property management, and potential growth in investment value. They continue to innovate in order to build smarter for the changing needs of their clients and investors.

In this photo: Hotel lobby and Siam lounge of Dusit Thani Residence.

TLDC's edge over other developers

  • Track record and value over time

Track record is important for TLDC as they've been in the industry for 20 years. As the CEO of Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation Tomas P. Lorenzo shared: “I invite buyers to visit our oldest building because what is really lacking with a lot of developers is maintenance. We manage our own buildings; we make sure that our buildings are well-maintained so the investment appreciates.”

He further shared: “Our buyers are not just my customers; they are my neighbors. I am with them for the long haul.” And with that, they retain substantial units and ensure that properties are well-maintained.

  • Customer-centric design and living experiences

TLDC residences cater to discerning property owners who value quality, location, and safety above everything else. Torre Lorenzo has a 20-year track record of delivering high-rise residences with uncompromising quality and premium amenities. TLDC always has the welfare and needs of its residents in mind, from the time a property is chosen, to the project design concept, to the time when the unit is turned over and to the living experience.

TLDC is committed to elevating the living experiences of the emerging affluent through state-of-the art amenities for a balanced lifestyle. Projects are equipped with swimming pools and fitness centers for physical well-being, as well as function rooms and open spaces for social and mental and well-being.

Room with long table and double decker bed.
In this photo: Studio unit in Torre Lorenzo Malate.

As the pioneer of Premium University Residences, many projects are located near top schools and universities. TLDC helps student residents focus on their academic responsibilities by creating spaces conducive for learning, such as quiet study spaces and areas for group study which are WiFi-equipped. Commercial tenants are selected to help make students’ daily lives easier and more enjoyable, with conveniences such as bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, and banks within reach so residents do not need to go far for daily needs.

  • Commitment

TLDC continues construction in compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols, with two of its premium residential projects, 3Torre Lorenzo and Torre Lorenzo Malate, slated for turnover by year end; underscoring the company’s commitment to deliver targets for its buyers and investors.

Aerial view of Torre Lorenzo Malate at night.
In this photo: artist's perspective of Torre Lorenzo Malate at night.

Adapting to the pandemic

The company anticipates the needs of the emerging affluent communities and because of that, they are developing residential and leisure properties customized to address these changing needs.

“The pandemic has given us an opportunity to improve our systems and processes, and we choose to see opportunities where there are challenges.”

TLDC's message to potential investors

Real estate is long-term. It’s like farming, when you plant you don’t get the harvest until four or five years. The same thing with real estate. So, I said if this pandemic lasts for one or two years, we’ll be wasting time if we’re not doing anything. Our plans continue. We have to look at everything at a long-term perspective."

"Real estate is very long-term. We have the benefit of hindsight, we know that real estate catches up. It’s a generational investment, when you invest in something today, you reap the benefits over time. Real estate is something you can always leave with your family. It can help you plan for the future.”

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*Quotes are from Mr. Tomas P. Lorenzo, CEO of Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation.