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Autumn Leaves 2023 – When and Where to Go?

The orange leaves mark the start of autumn in Japan. It is during November that the autumn scenery in Japan fully comes into view.

November is around the corner. After relatively warmer September and October, the temperature seems to be finally starting to drop. The autumn colorful foliage season has come!  Here are the best timings and places to see the leaves in vibrant orange, red, and yellow that give colors to the autumn scenery of Japan.

On October 3, 2023, Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) released its second forecast of autumn foliage 2023. This forecast shows the best timing to view red leaves (Japanese maple trees) and yellow leaves (gingko trees) in approximately 700 locations across Japan.

According to the forecast, the best timing to see both yellow and red leaves in Tokyo will be at the end of November to the beginning of December.

(Source: Japan Meteorological Corporation)

Let’s look at another forecast. The website of Japan Weather Association (JWA) shows the best timing in various locations famous for their autumn colorful views. Leaves turn color as it gets colder toward winter. Therefore, if the temperatures in autumn (September to November) is lower than the typical temperatures for the period, leaves turn color earlier, while if higher, they turn color later. In September this year, Japan recorded higher temperatures due to lingering summer heat waves. The JWA says the start of leaves changing color will be delayed in many locations.

(Source: Japan Weather Association)

If you would like to know where to go for colorful leaves NOW, you could check this website: The website is in Japanese but comes with a map of Japan giving a daily update of how the color of leaves is in each prefecture. Below is the definition of the colors used in the map for your reference. If you know how to read Japanese, you can further click on the region/prefecture where you are or you would like to visit. Then, the website gives you a list of destinations for autumn colors, with a little icon at the left shoulder of the name of each destination to show you the color of the leaves in that location now.

How to read the map on the website:

(Source: Walker Plus)

In autumn in Japan, pleasant weather usually continues for days with little rain. It is a perfect season to “hunt for” vivid leaves under the clear blue sky!

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