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5 Autumn Interior Design Ideas To Warm Up The Season

Autumn may not be a season we experience here in the tropical Philippines, but that doesn't mean we can't be inspired and recreate the cozy autumnal feeling in our personal spaces.

As temperatures drop and the holiday season nears, there's a certain craving to change up your surroundings and make things feel warmer and more cozy. The autumnal season brings with it the idea of soft nights in, relaxed meals with loved ones, and the prevalence of warm scents and colors in a home.

While autumn may not be a season we come across here in sunny, sometimes rainy Philippines, that doesn't mean we can't be inspired and recreate the cozy autumnal feeling in our personal spaces. Follow these 5 fall interior decorating ideas and design a cozy refuge that visualizes the experience of drinking a pumpkin spice latte while reading a comfort book.

Follow the fall color palette.

Brown and orange couches in living room with brick fireplace

Golden yellows, deep reds, warm browns and purples — the fall season is all about colors that can be seen in foliage around this time of year, as well as complementary hues like jewel tones and earthy greens.

Arguably the most popular color in autumn inspired interior design, rust or the red-orange-brown combo can be used in living room and library walls, seating furniture, and accent pieces like sofa throws and artwork. Muted yellows like mustards and butter pair well with reddish browns and olive greens. A bright orange is a fun fall color that screams energy versus cozy, and works best in contemporary and modern interior styles. In terms of neutrals, fall inspired design is rife in tans, creams, and ecru.

Autumn inspired interior design is not only characterized by the aforementioned range of colors, but is also associated with a variety of textures. Think the natural grit of woods and the unrefined look of stone, and the organic feel of natural textiles like heavy linen and leather.

Opt for a nature-inspired shabby chic aesthetic.

Bar stools, wooden island, wooden cabinets in rustic style kitchen

Embracing organic makes and natural materials brings a sense of wellbeing and warmth into any space. The rawness of woods and rattan, and the casualness of unwashed linen and wrought iron make for a true rustic, lived-in aesthetic that's fall-appropriate. It's the same idea as when you reach for a well-worn sweater and your favorite book — simplicity and familiarity scream cozy comfort.

There's something warm and inviting in the universality of nature that everyone loves, so why not up the ante by bringing the outdoors in using natural materials and seasonal greenery? The trick to making a space with raw touches feel less like a DIY project and more like an intentional design choice is to use high quality materials and stay on top of property maintenance.

Exposed brick walls and untouched hardwood planks can be sophisticated when paired with stainless steel appliances and contemporary lighting. Handmade ceramics and stretched canvas bedding can be elegant when paired with more modern accents like graphic prints or electronics and tech.

Colors and textures already create so much character in a space, but patterns and decorative elements increase a home's visual interest tenfold.

Inject some plaid into your design.

Round table with 4 wooden chairs beside a plaid couch

Plaid is a classic pattern that has been correlated with different movements in art and design — including heritage, grunge, and prep. Plaid's versatility makes it an exciting and dynamic print to work with.

Incorporating plaid with fall interior design, for example, is a fun yet sensible decision considering its ubiquitous character. Plaid brings an additional dimension to interior design already depicted in autumnal colors and natural elements.

Tartans and tattersall plaids are most popular in larger seating furniture like couches and benches. Checks and gingham are perfect for smaller textiles like pillows and blankets. That said, you can go as bold as you want to be in your personal space when it comes to plaid. Plaid wallpapers can be playful or sophisticated, depending on the colors and type used. Curtains and large scale rugs are another option to bring the focus to the pattern.

Plaid can be as modern or as traditional as you need it to be in interior design. The trick is to use the right plaid pattern and influence the overall aura of a room using the appropriate furnishings and ornaments.

Stock up on antique furnishings.

Living room setup with antique furniture and decorations

Using vintage decor is an economical yet effective way to introduce character into a space. Secondhand ornaments are typically cheaper and if you're familiar with the market of buying vintage, you can score some great finds that are not only unique but also made of high quality materials.

Decorating with older pieces can be as simple as bringing in small ornaments like jars or books, or as elaborate as using large-scale vintage furniture like the Tagalog baul (wooden chest) or inherited china cabinets. While doing the latter may require more work (furniture, especially older ones, tend to be high maintenance), the overall atmosphere that these special pieces help create is inimitable.

Family heirlooms and antique pieces, for example, increase the feeling of comfort in a home, as they often remind you of your childhood and loved ones. Autumn is often characterized by warmth and affection, and being surrounded with things that are familiar and personal to you sure feels like a warm hug after a long day.

Create a reading nook.

Gray L-shaped couch beside a white bookshelf

The fall season — or cooler, rainy weather for us in the Philippines — begs for the ultimate cozy experience. Armed with a hot beverage and a book, you're basically set for a wonderful, relaxed time in the comforts of your own home.

Furnish a special reading nook with soft seating and appropriate task lighting. Increase the feeling of warmth by layering natural textiles in your lounging furniture and using seasonal scents like cinnamon and apple. And if you're not big on reading, create a simple hobby corner instead. The idea is that you should designate a space in your home where you can be at ease, doing whatever you want to do since autumn is all about slowing down and taking comfort.

Don't have space for a full-blown reading nook or hobby area in your current place? Bring your beloved books in the living room and invest in tuck-away furniture or if possible, consider looking at new properties in your preferred area (we have great listings available here.)

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