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Best Locations to Start a Family in the Philippines

Metrics show that these are the best locations where you can start a family in the Philippines.

Do you ever wonder if job opportunities, fair costs of living, and safe neighborhoods can all be found in one place? If you are about to start a family, you may have certain standards in choosing where to settle with your spouse and kids. This article offers important insights that can help you decide where you should live!

City, Province

Distinguishing Factor


Family Friendliness


Quality of Life, Cost of Living Index


Accessibility, Healthcare Index


Urban-Rural Mix of Lifestyle

Davao City

Safety Index

Makati City

Career and Education

*Data taken from Numbeo, the largest user-contributed database about cities around the world.


Median salary after-tax: P14,965.67

Apartments in city centers: P80,270.39 per sqm

Houses in suburbs: P49,606.47 per sqm

The Ruins Bacolod, Negros Occidental Philippines
Photo by Brian Kairuz / Unsplash

Bacolod is called the “City of Smiles” because there are many things to smile about the place. It has low crime rates, manageable traffic conditions, vibrant festivals, good food, and it rarely experiences natural disasters. Its economy was also recognized as the fourth largest economy outside NCR.

Bacolod has a population of 636,549 and it is deemed the best in terms of family-friendliness. The city is known for its kind and hospitable locals. In addition, Bacolod takes pride in having many of the best family-friendly tourist attractions in the Philippines. Going to pristine beaches and picturesque landmarks can be a regular bonding activity for your family.

Work and family trips outside Bacolod should not be a problem because the city can service land, air, and sea travel. In addition, there are many good schools that your kids can attend.


Median after-tax salary: P 19,134.66

Apartments in city centers: P 98,412 per sqm

Houses in suburbs: P 73, 351.94 per sqm

The highlands of Baguio with lush vegetation.
Photo by Lyra Joson / Unsplash

Baguio is a famous tourist destination in Luzon because of its cool climate, spectacular views, and rich culture. Its current population is 385,366 and it belongs to the top 17% of the world’s least expensive cities to live in.

The cozy and rustic vibe of Baguio is perfectly balanced with its bustling city life. The cool highland breeze, diverse native tradition, and great business opportunities all meet in the hospitable community of Baguio. The city records a low crime incidence index and it brags several family-friendly destinations like Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Mines View Park, and more.

Baguio is also home to many prestigious schools and universities like the University of the Philippines — Baguio, University of Baguio, Brent International School, St. Louis University, and the University of the Cordilleras.


Median after-tax salary: P 16593.52

Apartments in city centers: P 103,068.29 per sqm

Houses in suburbs: P 57,056.60 per sqm

Tagaytay Highlands in Cavite
Tagaytay Highlands in Cavite / Photo by Chan Lee

Cavite is one of the most progressive provinces in the country offering great opportunities to its 4,344,829 current population.

Starting your family life in Cavite means taking advantage of the quiet suburban life without straying too far from city life. Its many road linkages to major cities and tourist attractions make it a convenient place for families who love adventure. Cavite also scored high in its healthcare index for quality of life. It has good hospital staff, doctors, and equipment.

In terms of family activities, Cavite boasts its many road linkages that connect the province to many family destinations like Batangas and Laguna. It has good beaches, landmarks, and schools. The Tagaytay Highlands, which is famous for its cool weather and beautiful landscapes, is also in Cavite.


Median after-tax salary: P14,377.14

Apartments in city centers: P12,4719.14 per sqm

Houses in suburbs: P53,249.10 per sqm

Sunset by the beach in Cebu / Photo by Mike L

Cebu is recognized as having one of the leading economies outside Metro Manila. The continuous growth of its business industry is brought about by its accessibility through land, sea, and air travel.

Aside from its rich cultural heritage, Cebu is also famous for having many of the best delicacies in the Philippines. Settle in Cebu and get used to the smell of Lechon de Cebu, Balamban Liempo, Puso, and more. And if you feel stressed from work, Cebu’s white-sand beaches are just a few miles away from the metropolis!

Your family will definitely make the most out of every experience because Cebu has many family-friendly attractions like Cebu Safari and Adventure Park and Cebu Ocean Park. In terms of quality education, Cebu is very competitive because of schools like Cebu International School, Ateneo de Cebu, Philippine Science High School, and more.

Davao City

Median after-tax salary: P15,985.97

Apartments in city centers: P128,673.92 per sqm

Houses in suburbs: P71,072.03 per sqm

Sleeping Dinosaur Island in Davao / Photo by Lester Casio

Davao is hailed as the economic hub of Mindanao because of its booming business industry. It is also known as the safest city to live in the Philippines. Its population of approximately 1,980,000 take pride in its peaceful and orderly city life.

The quality of education is also competitive in Davao. Some of its prestigious schools are the Ateneo de Davao University, University of Mindanao, and Stockbridge American International School.

Davao provides a good balance between work and family life because beautiful vacation spots are just a few minutes away from the city. Some of these must-see family-friendly destinations are Samal Island, Eden Nature Park, and Malagos Garden Resort and Chocolate Museum.

Makati City

Median salary after tax: P24,897.84

Apartment in city centers: P199,130.28 per sqm

Houses: P130,569.50 per sqm

Main lounge of the Manila Polo Club in Makati City / Photo by Brian Bondoc

Makati currently has a population of 510,383 and it is known as the country’s top business district. It brags a lifestyle where big malls, schools, and workplaces are just at your doorstep. Makati is also hailed as one of the safest cities to live in Southeast Asia.

Family life in Makati includes better access to modern amenities and good quality education. While not directly located in Makati, prestigious schools like the University of the Philippines - Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, and De La Salle University are easily accessible.

Famous family-friendly destinations include the Ayala Art Museum, Ayala Triangle Garden, Greenbelt Mall Complex, Yuchengco Museum, and Circuit Makati.


Deciding on a location where your family will settle is no easy task. One must consider important things like lifestyle, career opportunities, and security. Here in Property Access Philippines, we also value your security in finding the right home for the best location you have chosen. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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