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Revenge Travel: Small And Big Budgeting Hacks

As much as we're all hungry to explore, shelling out travel money shouldn't be done haphazardly. Here are some hacks for revenge travelers.

Young professionals all over the country are now taking advantage of borders reopening to make up for 2 years of forced isolation. Expectedly, the post-pandemic tourist surge calls for a lot of preparation and planning ahead, both on the tourists' and the countries' parts. Here's how you can be steps ahead in your "revenge" trip to your dream destinations:

Budgeting Hacks For Solo/Budget Travelers

You can always fly solo if you don't want any company. Traveling alone can feel freeing because going with companions might mean having different travel agendas, and you might be forced to follow their plans and end up unsatisfied with your trip. If you have the courage to go at it alone, why not? Here are some tips that might be of use to your post-pandemic trips.

1. Plan an itinerary of the destinations you like

It's best to handpick which tourist spots you'll be visiting so you can guarantee your own travel satisfaction. If you pick a travel package with stops that you don't really feel like going to, then it's best to  request to customize it according to your own goals.

Or better yet, plan your travel without an agency so you can save more money and take more time in soaking up the views, as guided city tours are usually timed. Especially if it's just small and safe countries like Singapore, you won't really need a tour guide — just a full stomach and a lot of energy for all-day walking will do.

2. Book your plane tickets during seat sales

Especially if you're not too particular with getting VIP treatment in your flights, you can settle for budget-friendly airlines that offer seat sales during certain times of the month like Scoot, Jetstar Asia, or Cebu Pacific. Avoid booking near peak seasons, as the prices can be a bit higher than usual.

It's good to follow the social media accounts of your budget airlines of choice and check out their email updates so you'll be in the loop regarding seat sales and other promotions you might find useful for your next trip.

3. Choose budget-friendly accommodations

Since budget travelers aren't really picky when it comes to where they'll be staying at, you can choose cheaper options than the usual luxury hotels that regular tourists book. Staying at a capsule hotel, an Airbnb, a co-living space, or just a plain old budget hotel could work perfectly well for you.

It's even cheaper if you know someone from the area (preferably a relative or a friend you feel safe with) to accommodate you while you're away from home – this way, you can skip paying for tourist lodging while also feeling safer as someone you know actually knows the area.

4. Pack as light as possible

The usual weight limit for a small luggage in the overhead compartment is around 7 kg to 10 kg. If you exceed the luggage dimensions and the weight limit set by your airline of choice, then you'll have to pay extra. Solo travelers mostly prefer to do without that, so make sure you adhere to the rules set.

Packing light can also benefit you in other ways: only keeping the essentials and doing away with the excess. Since you'll just be going on your own (or with a companion at most) then you wouldn't really need too many clothes or toiletries to take with you.

5. Buy cards for the bus and/or train station

Instead of taking public taxis or booking a car through your riding service app, go for the bus or train instead so you can go to the places you like efficiently without breaking the bank. But take note of the payment system for each country: some trains and buses only accept official transportation cards or coins but not banknotes.

You may also download an app to know the routes or stops of the bus or train and research on the ones nearest to the destinations of your choice. This way, you won't have to hail a cab or take a much longer walk to where you want to be. A map, either a picture or a physical copy, would be of great help to you too especially if you lose your way.

Budgeting Tips For Group Travelers

Whether it's a company outing, a barkada trip, or a family affair, you can still opt for budget-friendlier options without sacrificing the quality of your trip. Group trips tend to be more expensive than solo trips, especially if it's just one person who shoulders the trip expenses. But there are promos available for group tours that charge for less the more people there are in the group tour. Either way, you can still save big using these tips below:

1. Book a trip package for multiple neighboring places

Be they domestic or international, your trips should be maximized. There are many travel agencies who offer twin city or even tri-city tours in neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as the Indochina area (Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam). Meanwhile, farther territories like Europe or South America can also be toured country by country depending on the package you choose.

2. Choose dates with the least amount of bookings

The dates with the least amount of bookings are typically weekdays and non-peak seasons. You can plan your trip with these in mind. But note that it's not guaranteed that prices will stay put – you have to be on the constant lookout too. If you see a good price without any drawbacks (like a landing time that you think wouldn't be safe for you), then it's alright to book right away.

3. Save up early on

As it goes for any trip, early saving definitely helps with your upcoming expenses. Especially to avoid being offloaded at immigrations, it's good to have some show money. Even if you're not going to spend all of the money you bring, a few extra bills helps a lot with both your potential trip expenses and your image as a tourist.

4. Set a budget limit for your companions

Especially if you're the breadwinner of the trip, don't blow everything on an expensive item that one family member wants so bad, or a fancy bar that your friend wants to try but is way out of your budget. Be strict with your financial limits because it'll benefit you for the rest of your trip – you might even be able to save some cash for your next trip.