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Mandaluyong for the Modern Metropolitan

Considered the "Tiger City" of the Philippines, Mandaluyong's success in rapid urbanization makes it an appealing area to build careers and other opportunities.

Located in the center of Metro Manila, Mandaluyong has an advantage of being a prime real estate spot for different industries in the Philippines.  Many national enterprises are housed or began their roots within Mandaluyong, alongside widely-renowned leisure and shopping districts. These create a community of high-rise buildings, malls, condominiums, and metropolitan landscapes that prove desirable among young professionals, families, and students who seek convenient locations close to work and leisure destinations.

Local Business in  Mandaluyong

These are some of the enterprises located within Mandaluyong, most of which are well-known across the Philippines and the world:

San Miguel Corporation

Image from Nikkei Asia

San Miguel is a popular household name in the country, known for its diverse portfolio of products ranging from food, beverage, fuel, oil, power, infrastructure, and everything in between. With revenues equating to approximately 4% of the Philippines’ GDP, there is no denying that this company’s impact is woven into the success of the national economy. Its headquarters in Mandaluyong is an eye-catching sight, with numerous planters and greenery across the terraced complex—boasting as one of the first “green” buildings in the Philippines.

Unilab, Inc.

Image from DATEM

As one of the forefront stakeholders in Philippines healthcare, Unilab seeks to provide accessible and quality pharmaceuticals to Filipinos. Its variety of products is easily spotted in almost all drug stores across the country and is known to be reliable in its utility.

Though Unilab acknowledges its origins in Binondo, Manila, its success and rapid expansion have brought the company to its permanent headquarters in Mandaluyong, with a large expanse of land and real estate.

Globe Telecom

Image from IACAI

Globe is an undeniable giant in national telecommunication services. Its mobile and network support the Filipinos’ need for coverage and connection both locally and globally. Globe and its subsidiaries are also known for excellence, with e-wallet company GCash dubbed as the first to reach a “double-unicorn” status with a two billion peso value on the stock market.

The company’s original headquarters can still be found in Mandaluyong, fully operational and teeming with opportunities for connections and network growth. Its buildings now house many companies under Globe, as well as The Globe University for various programs, training, and employee development.

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Image from Asian Development Bank

Known as an advocate for domestic rehabilitation and mobilization, ADB sits in unity alongside Asia-Pacific partners as a development bank to support members in poverty and economic decline. Its projects are carried out across the world, providing financial resources such as loans, grants, and investments to those who have not been granted the opportunity due to socioeconomic circumstances. ADB is likewise internationally renowned for its research and data library, providing individuals with vast amounts of knowledge regarding topics in finance, sustainability, urban development, and the like. Its headquarters in Mandaluyong is well established, with buildings spread across ADB Avenue in the center of the city’s business district.

Asia United Bank (AUB)

Image from BusinessMirror

Across from ADB sits the headquarters of AUB—a financial institution of stability and promise. With its origins starting in the 1997 financial crisis, the bank has proved to be resilient against other economic crises both nationally and globally. Recognized as one of the strongest banks within the Asia Pacific, AUB provides its clients with security and steadfast support.

Leisure and Lifestlye in Mandaluyong

Aside from the economic roars of the Tiger City, its residents will agree that these shopping malls and recreational areas truly bring the city to life:

Ortigas Center

For the shopaholics of Metro Manila, there is no denying the comfort and enjoyment of the Ortigas Center. Shoppers will be delighted with the selection of malls surrounding the area, all in proximity to each other.

To start, there is St. Francis Square Mall—a tiangge or indoor flea market complex, popular among many Filipinos. Its independent and local shop tenants will delight its visitors with a bargain of affordable goods and cheap prices.

Beside St. Francis Square is The Podium, with its lush green facade of vertical gardens covering its exterior. This location adds to the urban setting of Mandaluyong with unique gourmet restaurants, fashion-forward retail establishments, and relaxing wellness centers.

Shangri-La Plaza catches the eye of Philippine luxury with international brands brought in by the Rustan Group of Companies and the Stores Specialists Inc. (SSI). The retail and services variety of this is upscale, with events and art exhibitions that are likewise intriguing for shoppers. This mall sits close to other luxury spaces and hotels, most notably the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel—a local favorite for staycations and weekend relaxation.

Finally, SM Megamall is a well-loved destination for any shopper looking to visit Manila. Known as one of the largest malls in the Philippines and the world, the variety of retail stores, restaurants, and lifestyle activities will never cease to satisfy those who visit the area. This mall is owned and managed by the SM Group, widely known for its shopping malls and real estate developments across the Philippines

Greenfield District

Image from Greenfield Development Corporation

Located near the Ortigas Center is Greenfield District: an urban development with retail spaces that appeal to the not-so-shopaholics of the city. Though their Weekend Market is a must-go for buyers of local produce and products, visitors will remark that Greenfield also offers  experiences such as Climb Central, Trampoline Park and  Central Park. This will surely provide many fun activities for  adults and children alike.

Shaw Boulevard

Image from Wikimedia Commons
Image from Wikimedia Commons

This boulevard lies within the heart of Metro Manila and conveniently runs across multiple residential and commercial areas of Mandaluyong. Many of the companies and malls mentioned above are accessible from Shaw, and it is complemented by other small shops and businesses of almost any industry. One of its notable characteristics is the variety of groceries and food options, with well-stocked supermarkets such as Puregold Shaw, S&R Membership Shopping, and SM Supermarket for everyday errands.

Another highlight of this area is the nearby Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, established by William James Shaw (the namesake of Shaw Boulevard). The country club is a favorite of golfers across Metro Manila, providing a breath of fresh air to break away from all the fast-paced movements of city life.

Aside from its landmarks and buildings, Shaw Boulevard is considered an integral and accessible route for the commuters of the city, as it can easily connect Mandaluyong to other cities such as Pasig, San Juan, Makati, and Manila. The highway likewise connects to EDSA: a main highway of the nation’s capital region.

Future Living in Mandaluyong

With its variety of  opportunities in business, leisure, and living, Mandaluyong has the traits of an urban metropolis that is sure to satisfy any inhabitant. Overall, the city  can be a lucrative option for those looking to expand their enterprises or start a prospective future in the Philippines.