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Common Property Maintenance Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Get a step closer into sealing that real estate deal by avoiding these common pitfalls when maintaining a property.

Nothing is perfect in this world. When something could go wrong, it will inevitably go wrong one way or another. But that does not mean that you cannot prepare for it or that you cannot repair it once it happens. The same applies to property management.

Here are our top 7 maintenance issues that you can expect to encounter when managing a property. Be sure to have these regularly checked, especially if you have your property already listed in the market!

1. Toilets

The first on the list is the toilet. This is something that people use on a daily basis. Any buyer wouldn’t want to purchase a property with a defective toilet.

Tissue roll cardboard with the words "UH OH!" written on it placed on top of the toilet.

Unaddressed leaks can lead to water damage over time and that’s an even bigger issue that you wouldn’t want your new residents or buyers to deal with and blame it all on you. Having regular check ups on the plumbing can be beneficial in the long run. At least with that, you don’t have to deal with a sale going down the drain over a leaking toilet and a wet floor.  


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The Philippines only ever has two seasons: the wet and dry. During the wet season, a heating system isn’t that much needed inside the home. It’s easier to keep warm during those cool rainy days by layering clothes or eating hot soup. But cooling yourself during those hot summer days or through heatwaves is close to impossible, especially without proper ventilation or a working air conditioning system. If your property has an installed AC unit already, it’s best to have it cleaned and checked regularly even before someone purchases and resides within their new home.

Keep track of your HVAC’s usable life as well as its repair schedule, especially before the new season rolls around.

3. Door knobs and locks

Everything that you can do to make your property be in good shape can help increase the value of it in a buyer’s mind. Door knobs and locks may not be something that they will particularly look into but they will notice it if something is wrong with it, especially since it is the first thing they will meet when entering their potential home. If the doorknob feels loose or looks old, this may just have psychologically devalued your home.

A key inside the seemingly old lock with two more keys hanging off the keyring.

Defective door knobs and locks are easier to replace than looking for another potential buyer that could replace the one that you’ve just lost due to the lack of attention to little details. It’s better to have everything in your property in perfect working condition than having small maintenance pitfalls affect a sale, or worse, lead to having an unhappy customer.

4. Sinks and drains

Sink and drainage issues need to be addressed as quickly as possible, whether it is a drip, clog, or leak. The cause for these types of problems are not always easy to identify so it’s best to have a plumber check beforehand before you showcase the property to a buyer or have someone reside in your property. Be sure to keep track of the repairs so you’ll have a lead in case another issue arises.

5. Showers

Caught on the trend yet? That’s right, three out of seven of the items on this list are water-related. (That’s almost half of the list!) Plumbing can be troublesome and would need a lot of attention. In most cases, it is not simply a do-it-yourself kind of job. You would need to consult a plumbing specialist to make sure that this problem would not persist in the future.

Close up of a shower head connected to the grey bathroom wall.

Buyers can perceive loose shower heads as something that will cost them in the future, because they can assume that there are leaks behind the wall (even though that might not be the case.) What’s even more costly is you losing that sale, so make sure to encase that pipe where the shower head meets the wall to keep it from wobbling, or get that leak fixed if there is any.

6. Squeaky Hinges

This can be considered as a minor thing but any small negative aspect that distracts the prospective buyer from the good facets of your property can potentially throw them off and may lead to not closing that deal.

Even though the entirety of your home is wonderful, hearing that screeching sound from doors or windows can lead them into thinking that there might be some underlying issues with the house’s foundation. And you certainly wouldn’t want that. Lucky for you, squeaky hinges only require the help of petroleum jelly — an easy fix that can save you from losing that sale.

7. Ceiling stains

Man covering a ceiling stain with white primer.

Ceiling stains are not much of a big deal to other people but it can be quite a big deal to buyers. These could devalue your property even if everything else is relatively new. Just like any other maintenance pitfalls, this can be seen by the buyer as an expense they’ll have to pay if they purchase your property. Ceiling stains can be covered up quite easily by a wall primer, so make sure to cover it up nicely.

What’s Next?

When you’re confident that your property is in good condition, the next step is to gain potential buyers. And the easiest way to do that is to list your property online! Make your account with us today and let us help you seal that property deal.

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