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[CONDOS MANILA Buyers] Everything To Expect In Your Php 2M+ Purchase

Scared your Condos in Manila purchase might be a scam? Read more to know what your 2M+ purchase should include.

Congratulations! You've set your sights on a condo in Manila, a decision that unlocks a world of convenience and elevated but sometimes stressful, sleepless lifestyle.

But before you get swept away browsing drool-worthy listings, let's make sure you’re not being ripped off with your Php 2 million+ investment.

First of all, we know you’re suffering these buyer problems:

1. Traffic is your cardio: Manila's notorious congestion wastes hours commuting, draining energy and productivity, especially if you bought a condo for sale in Manila near Mall of Asia.

2. The condo claustrophobia: Cramped living spaces leave you yearning for a breath of fresh air and a backyard BBQ.

3. Hidden fees that haunt: Unforeseen maintenance costs and association dues eat into your hard-earned cash.

4. The phantom amenities: Glitzy advertised pools and gyms turn out underwhelming or overcrowded, especially when getting affordable rent to own condo in Metro Manila

5. Forever-unfinished construction: Construction delays and noise disrupt your life for months, or even years.


This guide serves as your Condos Manila 101 Buyers Guide, packed with essential information for savvy condo buyers like yourself, to know if you can already expect billionaire-worthy features from just 2 Million pesos.

What is the average price of a condo in Manila? Is buying a condo worth it in the Philippines? We'll guide you to navigate these questions, from budgeting and financing, to ensure you're not swindled out of your hard-earned fortune.

Let’s start!

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TIP #1: Understand Your Condos Manila Budget and Financing Options

Buying a condo is an exciting step, but it's crucial to be realistic about what one million can get you in Manila. It’s practically the New York of the Philippines.

You already know about the 50/30/20 rule, where you allocate 50% of your income for needs (condo mortgage, groceries, utilities), 30% for wants (entertainment, dining out), and 20% for savings and debt repayment.

What you probably don't know yet is that your monthly condo fees, association dues, and potential maintenance costs can eat your savings down.

So, factor these ongoing expenses into your budget to ensure your cheap condo rent to own in Manila doesn't turn into a financial burden. With Power Laws, they can be higher than you think, and 2 million is not enough.

TIP #2: Your “2 Million Condos Manila Dream” Should Come with Smart Mortgage Strategies

You already know you have two main options for financing, for example, a condo for sale in BGC manila: Pag-IBIG and bank loans. Pag-IBIG caters to Filipino members and offers attractive interest rates and flexible payment terms.

As you know, banks provide a wider range of loan products with varying interest rates and terms. However, after understanding fixed vs. variable interest rates, you may realize that your 2 Million budget can’t get you the dream condo you wanted.

With a fixed rate, your monthly payments remain constant throughout the loan term. Variable rates can fluctuate based on market conditions, potentially impacting your monthly payments.  Insert where to read more.

Securing a favorable loan of a condo for sale in Manila (pre-selling) also hinges on your credit score, too. So maintaining a good credit history will determine whether your 2 million is already enough to land the condo.

TIP #3: Your 2 Millon Condo in Manila Should Have Fantastic  Location, Location, Location

Yes, I know— it’s a never-ending cliche to say that the location of your affordable condo unit in Manila significantly impacts your daily life.

You already know that you should consider factors like proximity to your workplace, schools if you have children, and public transportation options.

But what you don’t know is that your 2 Million investment may not give you all the access to malls, entertainment hubs, or green spaces that offer distinct advantages.

You may need a higher price point for that.

Walkability is another factor to consider. Yes, a walkable neighborhood allows you to run errands or grab coffee without relying on public transportation or a car. But a 2 million condo versus a 6 million one will differ in which convenience stores you can access.

For example, Manila boasts a diverse range of condo locations, each catering to different preferences. The higher-tier and high-priced condos will give you access to more robust financial districts, while the more affordable condominiums in Manila only offer you satellite branches.

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is home to impressive skyscrapers, international brands, and a sophisticated nightlife scene. But don’t expect your 2 Million condo to provide all the easy access to trendy restaurants and shopping malls.

TIP #4: Your 2 Million Should Have Robust Function Before Fancy

While a rooftop pool with stunning city views might be tempting, prioritize practical features that ensure your comfort and safety.  24/7 security with CCTV cameras and access control systems are essential for peace of mind.

You can already expect that your 2 Million can give you reliable water supply, backup power for those inevitable brownouts, and efficient waste disposal are non-negotiables. But a 6 Million condo gives you more parking availability and greenery space. That’s a higher price tag.

TIP #5: Your Unit Size, Layout, and Amenities Must Fit You Like A Glove

Think of your condo as an extension of yourself. You shouldn’t be paying 2 Million if the size, layout, and amenities can’t cater to your specific needs and aspirations.

Living Solo or Starting a Family?

The size is crucial. Studio units offer a cozy haven for individuals, while one or two-bedroom units provide more breathing room for couples or growing families. 2 Million condos in Manila is not enough budget fit for a family, unless you want a cramped place.

Two-bedroom condominiums in Manila will only begin to appear attractive at a price point of six million Philippine pesos.

Want 100% Modern Amenities that Elevate Your Life?

In-demand amenities can truly enhance your condo experience. Imagine unwinding after work with a swim in the pool, or getting a quick workout in the on-site gym. It’s a must that your 2 Million condo manila unit can give you this.

For social butterflies, function rooms can provide the perfect venue for gatherings, while co-working spaces cater to the growing remote work trend.  You’re still able to get this with a 2 Million budget, but most likely you won’t.

Remember,  what you probably don't know yet is that your monthly condo fees, association dues, and potential maintenance costs can eat your savings down.

So, factor in the ongoing costs associated with these amenities to ensure they align with your budget. By carefully considering your needs and future plans, you can find a condo that feels like a perfect fit, offering both comfort and convenience.

TIP #6: Make an Informed Decision: Research, Inspections, and Negotiations

Do your research! Before finalizing your decision, investigate the developer's reputation and track record. Look for reviews from previous buyers and assess the quality of their past projects.

A proper condo inspection is crucial. Hire a qualified inspector to identify any potential issues with the building or unit itself. Don't be afraid to negotiate. Negotiation is a common practice in real estate. You might be able to secure a better price on the unit, especially if you're paying in cash.

Additionally, you might negotiate for the developer to throw in freebies like appliances or waived association fees for a specific period.

WATCH: Elevate Your Negotiation Skills When Buying A Condo in Manila


Investing in a condo in Manila is a significant life decision. By following these steps and prioritizing your needs, you'll be well on your way to finding a condo that delivers the comfort, convenience, and a potential return on your 2 million plus investment.

Remember, this guide is just the beginning of your condo-buying journey in Manila. Stay tuned for future blog posts where we'll delve deeper into specific aspects, like navigating the legalities of buying a condo or exploring the best neighborhoods for specific needs.

Is it worth investing in a condo in Manila? Is condo cheaper than a house in the Philippines? For those seeking affordable rent-to-own options, there are numerous choices in Metro Manila, allowing you to gradually transition into condo ownership.


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