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Decorating Your Listing for the Holidays

With everything entering the festive mood, your listed property should too! Decorate your property for the holidays with these easy tips.

Christmas is just around the corner and everything is being brought into the festive mood — and your property listing could be too! You do not have to go overboard with your Christmas displays to express the festive feeling. Oftentimes, keeping it simple can still evoke the same Christmas spirit.

Here are some inexpensive and easily doable decor tips to make your property merry for the season.

A tabletop Christmas tree with other Christmas ornaments.

#1 Display a Christmas tree.

Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. It does not have to be gigantic or grand like the one you see in malls. A small corner tree or a tabletop tree can suffice and introduce the Christmas spirit into the space. Of course, the tree must be decorated adequately. A few Christmas balls or metallic streamers can brighten up the tree and its area.

A Christmas wreath with red ribbons hanging on the door.

#2 Hang Christmas wreaths.

Christmas wreaths are the easiest decor you could add to your space. You could hang it by the main door, or make it the main accent piece of your living room wall. These can make your listed property decorated for the occasion without having to break the bank.

Red candles in the Christmas wreathe on top of a wooden table.

#3 Light your Christmas candles.

Christmas candles can be as simple as the scented candles that you already have. If you have colored candles — in the shades of green, red, or gold — the better! You can display these on the counter of the kitchen you are showcasing, or on top of the coffee table by the living room. In case you do not have candles in the Christmas color scheme, you can get creative and use colored glasses to hold the candles. You can also wrap them in green, red, or gold ribbons as an easy alternative.

A living room with Christmas tree and a rocking chair with a red mantle over.

#4 Coordinate your linens and textiles.

In case your listed property is furnished, you can coordinate your linens or textiles such as table cloths, mantles, and blankets to match the Christmas spirit. You can use deep red-colored textiles with printed gold Christmas elements for that classy look. Plain green linens also work to make the space look fresh but still be aligned with the festive season.

Christmas lights set up by the couch area.

#5 Use lights on easy-to-reach areas.

Why not decorate the windows with Christmas lights? It’s an easy place to reach and decorate. Another good alternative is fairy lights which you can also use to decorate your living room tabletop.

Lights can help set up the mood. Although, one challenge to using lights is how to showcase them in photos.

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