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Don’t Do It Yourself: Refurbishing Jobs You Should Never DIY

Don't try these at home! Find out which DIY home improvement projects don't always produce great results, and why outsourcing is the better choice for most.

Whether you’re cutting costs or feeling inspired after seeing DIY home projects, you should think twice about doing a refurbishing job alone.

While some have succeeded in their DIY jobs, others have suffered through disastrous results after taking matters to their own hands. Do you trust yourself enough to do your own handiwork? Is home refurbishing your line of expertise? Are you hesitant with both DIY and outsourcing?

If you’re not sure about any of those, take a look at some examples of home refurbishing jobs you must hand over to the professionals.

Painting On Home Supplies

Modern kitchen and dining area with wooden drawers, a round table, and four leather chairs.

Giving your kitchen counters, dining room chairs, and living room fixtures a fresh coat of color is not a piece of cake. They deserve the hands of those with tried and tested expertise. While some have an eye for color, they may not have the set of skills to execute their vision the way they want it.

Window Installation

Kitchen counter facing a window with a wooden frame.

If you consider yourself quite the handyman, then good for you. But when there are things outside your skillset, don’t overestimate yourself. You might end up with botched results. Leave window installations to those who perfected their craft for a good chunk of their lives.

Wall Repairs

Man on a ladder removing the plastic covering the newly installed wallpaper.

Sanding, scraping chipped paint, and sticking wallpapers may all seem fun at first. However, if you just plan to wing these tasks, then you might be setting yourself up for failure. Call up the experts to do your wall work for you while you sit back comfortably.

Light Fixtures

Queen size bed with hanging light fixtures on both sides.

Installing light fixtures is trickier than the usual tasks. This is because of the electricity and mounting/attaching component to it. Like the other home improvement jobs, employ the help of lighting professionals. This way, you can save yourself from twice the trouble of attaching and electrical issues.

Water Pipes

Water pipes with red knobs.

Unclogging, dismantling, and reassembling water pipes is accident prone, especially if you lack experience with these. If you’re easily disgusted by food remains, hair, and other substances, it’s best not to touch the water pipes at home. Contact a plumbing company to solve your water pipe issues.

Stair Painting and Repairing

A set of stairs with steel handles and wooden steps curving downwards.

Whether it’s for repairing cracked steps or painting an intricately carved banister, stair work must be carefully done. Damaged stairs are risky: it can cause serious injuries when you fall from creaky and unstable stairs. Outsource your helpers so you can go up and down your home with zero worries in mind.

Infestation Problems

Close up shot of a colony of red termites.

Do you live in a space with termite-infested wood? If you’re a homeowner, call a specialist to deal with these pesky insects. If you’re a tenant, then report this immediately to the landlord. Know how to seek help from your landlord without sounding demanding. It’s part of your rights as a tenant.

Tiling and Flooring

A collage of different sizes and colors of floor/ wall tiles.

Tiles need a special adhesive to stick to cement. Flooring works also need a sharp eye and precise hands for best results. Make sure that when you get workers for a tiling or flooring job, they do a little dry run. This way, you can test the effect of brand new tiles or flooring to the rest of your home design.

Roof Work

Orange roof with brown house facade.

Holes in the roof can disrupt a good night’s sleep. If you keep delaying to fix your roof, it may cause you even more sleepless nights. Deal with your roof issues by tapping reliable resources and spare yourself the stress brought by a damaged roof.

Light Switches

White light switches mounted on a white wall.

Similar to light fixtures, those who are not keen on dealing with projects that involve electricity can skip this. Light switches can be dangerous. If you accidentally splash water on it, you can get slightly grounded when you press the switch.

Foundation Repair

People smoothing out the surface of the cement.

This is pretty obvious. However, there are a few who just settle for uneven floors. Some even attempt to even their flooring by putting wood or any flat material on their floors. This often leads to disappointing results. Foundation repair services will get you back your peace of mind, so allot some of your budget for it.

Demolition Preparation

Room stripped off of its wallpaper and ceiling cover.

Most might say it’s a demolition anyway, so why bother getting someone else to do it if you can? The truth is, houses are structured differently. There may be internal designs, scaffolds, and necessary designs that only experts are allowed to touch. You might be damaging important parts of your home. Honor the blueprint by hiring demolition professionals.

Is Outsourcing Really Better?

Most experts would say yes. This is because workers like carpenters, painters, electricians and the like are equipped with ample skills and strategies to successfully accomplish their jobs.

Due to their experiences in their respective fields, they have mastered the nitty-gritty of home improvement and refurbishing. At one point, they’ve encountered similar problems as you have, and have come up with the perfect workaround for those issues.

Through time, they have figured out the most efficient procedures and techniques for home projects. When you outsource, you don’t just pay for their services. You also pay for their years spent honing and developing their skills. You pay for their time to serve you to the best of their abilities as well.

Ladders, paint trays, brushes, and paint on the floor.

If you’re an aspiring interior designer, a DIY addict, or just a cheapskate, give your home improvement projects a rain check first. Study and learn the proper techniques for your target home refurbishing project. When you feel that you’ve studied enough, then test your skills out.

But for now, trust those who have more experience and better honed skills than you. When outsourcing workers, choose those with good reputations and positive testimonials from reliable clientele. Avoid cons and frauds by doing your own research.

Home improvement projects can be tricky and confusing, whether you DIY or outsource. But if you want great results fast, then invest in quality work and get professional help for your refurbishing projects. For the meantime, check out home improvement projects that you can DIY.


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