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Establishing Your Online and Offline Agent Appeal

First impressions can either make or break an important deal. Here's what you can do to establish your appeal as a real estate agent.

First impressions have a heavy influence on prospective buyers and their decision to purchase a property. It is what sets the tone for the whole experience. A bad first impression could make a homebuyer stop buying properties from you altogether — that is how important it is.

In this day and age, technology and the internet play a vital role in a lot of people’s purchasing habits, and that applies for the real estate industry as well. It is said that 9 out 10 buyers search for properties to purchase online. Hence, creating a good first impression as an agent starts online.

Online Appeal

Establish your online appeal by creating an attractive listing.

Portray your property in a positive and pleasing light. In order to achieve that, high quality photographs are the key. It is one of the biggest factors that helps the consumer consider the purchase aside from price.

From catching the buyer’s eye, continue to hold their interest by providing a good description. Make them want to visit the property in person by highlighting features that make your property unique.

Learn more about making an attractive online listing here.

Once you have successfully made your good online first impression, the next step is to uphold that when meeting the client in person.

Offline Appeal

The success of closing a deal is directly correlated to the relationships you build, most especially in person. For this reason, it is important to make a good lasting and positive impression.

Be a great communicator.

Lead the flow of conversation. Research about your buyer beforehand to get a glimpse of their personality, and prepare two to three talking points that you think would be important to your client. Remember: being professional is about being prepared.

Be a good listener.

As much as you are the leader of the conversation, let your client talk and provide some inputs. Having a conversation is a two-way thing and having you talk alone is not how it should be. Listening also shows that you are interested in what your client may be needing.

Tip: When asking real estate-related questions, keep it open-ended. That will help you gain valuable information on what they may be looking for in a property.

Be relatable.

Keep a common ground with your client. You do not have to be overly technical about everything. It is important to remember that the person you are talking to is also human, so it is rightful to establish a connection on a human level. Make things easy to understand and inject things that your client will be able to relate to.

Tip: Do not underestimate the power of small talk. Often than not, it starts connections and keeps relationships going.

Keep your body language relaxed.

Body language communicates what words cannot. Show that you are confident and comfortable with your client. Keep a proper posture, and do not handle yourself in a stiff manner. Remember: you would not want to make the client feel nervous and uncomfortable around you.

Tip: You can practice how you carry yourself in front of the mirror to see how the client would potentially view you during your first meeting.

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