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Expert Qualities of A Successful Real Estate Agent

Learn the top 5 expert qualities that make a real estate agent successful.

There are many real estate agents within the real estate industry. However, there are qualities that can set them apart from each other. The best real estate agents follow through with the transactions and give their clients an exceptional experience. They are not aggressive and overbearing but are passionate about giving the best results to their clients.

There are a lot of traits and qualities that successful agents possess but here are our top 5 expert qualities that stand out from a good real estate agent.

1. Proactive in the sales process.

A good real estate agent proactively participates in the sales process and has the initiative to call potential clients, communicate with existing buyers, and chase leads. You must not let the client chase you about the transaction. The key is to keep the client well informed about what goes through the whole process.

2. Listens to clients actively.

A good real estate agent also listens actively to clients instead of doing the talking. It may be a problem when your client cannot share their insights and their expectations for the transaction.

As an agent, it is your responsibility to listen to what the client requests and needs to understand how to provide the best. You as the agent should do the asking most of the questions to make sure you know what the client wants.

From listening, you can come to an understanding of your client which can lead you to “read” them and adapt their approach accordingly.

3. Communicates regularly.

It is a good real estate agent’s responsibility to find out the client’s preferred form of communication – may it be via text message, phone call, or email – and pursue it.

The key is to have a balanced communication – not too rare and not too much. You wouldn’t want your client to feel ignored (or even neglected) by communicating too little. You also wouldn’t want them to feel pressured by too much communication.

Understand the current situation and inform them of significant information that is relevant to their transaction. This all ties up with the previous qualities mentioned above. To know what they want to achieve from the transaction, you must listen. And from there, you must proactively communicate with them on important details when necessary.

4. Being client-motivated.

A good real estate agent prioritizes their clients. In simple terms, when a customer gets a good deal, the agent also gets a good deal – which is why being client-motivated is an expert quality for an agent to have.

Being a good agent goes beyond just total sales. Those are just byproducts of a good transaction. What matters is making the client feel supported and happy with the outcome of the transaction. It is more fulfilling to view every transaction as an opportunity to be part of someone’s success story.

5. Build business relationships.

A good real estate agent builds enduring business relationships with clients and people that serve in the same industry. An exceptional list of connections should include not only potential clients but also other real estate agents and brokers, as well as different players in the industry like appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage loan officers.

A vast network of connections is very beneficial especially if you have a targeted number of transactions per quarter as it provides good support in your initiatives.

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Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many expert qualities that a successful real estate agent possesses to flourish in the industry. What matters is how you continue to evolve and adapt to the changes happening in real estate. Anyone who is aware of the changes can become a good real estate agent.

As a brief takeaway: the one that always adjusts until the end becomes successful in their field.

Excel in your role as a real estate agent!

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