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Try These 4 Dazzling New Year's Eve Décor Ideas

Ring in 2022 in style by dressing up your home in party-appropriate décor and a lot of sparkles.

With the year that's passed, it seems easy to forego celebration and festivities and take New Year's Eve as any other day in quarantine. But celebrating the new year is more than just a sit-down dinner and drinks; it's a sign of hope and better things to come. Whether you want a peaceful night in or an energetic gathering with friends and loved ones on December 31, there's no reason why you can't lean into the festive nature of the holiday and sprinkle the sparkle.

The holiday season is in full swing, and the new year is just around the corner. Decorate your space with these 4 simple tips in mind and be ready to greet the new year with a bang.

Gold silver and black confetti, balloons, and disco ball

Glitter, glitter everywhere!

Glitter, sparkle, and confetti all scream Happy New Year, along with pops and bangs. That shine brings energy and life to a space, which is why these touches are typical in party settings. And ringing in the new year is all about inviting that brightness and vibrancy into your life, so it makes sense to reflect this in the way you decorate your house come the 31st.

Glitter is a great element to use in smaller decorative pieces like tree garlands or wreath baubles; just be sure to buy high-quality décor that doesn't use loose glitter lest you want to clean your house for two days straight after New Year's Eve (a big no-no in feng shui philosophy).

If you're 100% against glitter and unnecessary trash — i.e. no confetti or tinsel must be used — opt for a string of fairy lights or neon signs instead. Both light sources still evoke that party feeling without covering your floor with random bits of paper and foil. This tip is especially great for houses with kids and younger pets that have yet to be house-trained.

Close up shot of party poppers

Home-safe crackers and party horns are where it's at.

Staying at home for the festivities or being home with kids and pets doesn't have to mean missing out on the loud cheers and bangs that come with New Year's Eve celebrations. In fact, if the past two years have taught us anything, it's that our homes can transform into anything we need it to be — a gym, an office, even a party location.

That said, there are still limits to your personal space serving as the venue for your new year's celebration. Firecrackers and firework displays are hard to use in a home, especially if you live in the city where space is limited and the streets are busy. In addition, they may not even be allowed for handling by non-professionals.

A good alternative suggested by many are home-safe crackers and clappers that make considerable noise without needing to explode, or party horns that kids can use all throughout the night. Blasting the radio or the TV also works in place of loud noises from large parties we were once used to pre-pandemic. Some even opt to honk their car horns once the clock strikes 12.

To replicate the beauty of the lights offered by fireworks, utilize the strings of lights from your Christmas décor, or invest in mirrored disco balls that reflect light in interesting patterns.

Close up shot of champagne and flutes in ice bucket

Champagne bottles make for great centerpieces.

Recycling items and giving them second, third lives are always in style, and decorating your home for a certain occasion doesn't have to cost the earth and your wallet if you're creative.

Plus, there's something so understated in the character of worn-and-torn, older pieces, and something so versatile about "vintage" decorations in that they match well with most design styles. One item that screams New Year and can be used as décor anytime of the year? Champagne bottles.

Champagne is synonymous with celebration, and what's a bigger celebration than ringing in the new year? Break out the champagne — literally — and cheer to your heart's content. Used champagne bottles can serve as a table centerpiece, a vase for freshly-cut flowers, or even name tag holders if you're hosting a sizable group.

Interestingly enough, most champagne bottles already look beautiful, and can stand their own as decorative pieces even while in use. In a beautiful ice bucket, place your fancy sparkling wine and celebratory flutes atop ice. Doing so not only gives you a centerpiece that you're sure makes sense in your dining set up, but also maximizes the available surface space in your holiday table.

Christmas table setting

Don't have time to redecorate? Keep the Christmas garb.

Most people treat the end of December as one long holiday break, starting from before Christmas and stretching all the way to the first few days of January.

In this case, it may not make practical sense to take out your Christmas-themed décor — which, let's be real, may have been up since after Halloween — and put up completely new ornaments just to mark the New Year. Thankfully, fairy lights and natural elements like green garlands are seasonless, and can work for a multitude of design styles. Use the lush element and light threads in your holiday table setting or as a frame to your doorway.

Simple Christmas balls and baubles also work well in new year design. Just be sure to veer away from icon-heavy ornaments like Santa hangs or snowmen prints, as these may feel too Christmassy. Instead, use classic polka dots, shiny gold elements, and glittery accents.

As we usher in the new year, it's important that we set goals that bring that brightness into our lives - paired with great décor, of course. These goals can be as small as starting a new hobby, or as lofty as building lasting habits or even settling down in a place of your own. If you want to start fresh in a new space, try checking out our listings here. Who knows, you might just end up with your forever home.