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7 Methods To Clean Up Your Post-Christmas Clutter

Make the most out of your space and use these 7 methods to store your Christmas things.

While it seems that no one wants to deal with the aftermath of a holiday chaos, it's actually just all about the techniques you'll need to let your Christmas things hibernate peacefully until December comes around again. Here are 7 methods you can try in order to store your holiday stash neatly and nicely.

1) For Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreathe on a cork background.

Almost every Filipino home has a Christmas wreath hanging on its doors even as early as September. Christmas wreaths are a holiday staple because they're easy to hang and display. But when it's off-season, it can be quite a puzzle where to store them: wreaths can be bulky and are mostly shaped differently from other Christmas decorations. However, there's always a way around storing girthy Christmas stuff like these.

A good way to go about this is to wrap your wreaths in bubble wrap to avoid damaging their designs while you stack them on top of each other to save space. If your wraps are too small, you can upgrade to tear-resistant wreath bags you can get online. You can keep them in cool and dry areas so the colors are preserved. Put them all in a box especially if you have many wreaths in display, and put a label on the box so you don't get confused where to get your wreaths from come the next Christmas.

2) For Christmas Balls

Shiny red Christmas balls and other decor.

You may notice how your Christmas balls deteriorate in quality through the years: the glitter coming off, the surface cracks on them slowly getting bigger, the colors fading, the paint chipping. These may be largely due to how Christmas balls are stored. If you just throw them in a box haphazardly, there's a fat chance that these balls will get deformed, discolored, and damaged overall.

To preserve the look of your Christmas balls, store them in egg cartons. Each ball must go to each egg "hole" so that they don't rub against each other or get stacked and lose their shape. This separation also prevents cracking and chipping among the balls, so they can get reused every year without any cosmetic flaws on them. If your Christmas balls have already suffered a few blows from poor storage techniques, then it's time to either (a) DIY an overhaul, like repainting or re-gluing the details that came off, or (b) purchase new ones that you'll be taking care of, especially off-season.

3) For Christmas Gifts (Boxes, Ribbons, Wrappers)

Presents wrapped in Christmas wrappers and ribbons.

It can be really messy to keep storing wrappers that unroll themselves. Not to mention the appearance of creased Christmas wrappers tucked in corners that make your space look messier than it actually is. The solution for this is cloth tubes that can force your wrappers to roll themselves and look really neat and organized at that. You can also try large bookstands, clips, or your unused shelves to keep all your wrappers and ribbons in. If you see these things as an eyesore, then it's best to keep them inside cabinets or drawers that you don't see often.

As for boxes, convert them for storage. If the box is big enough, then put your wreaths in them. If you have no use for boxes, consider the things you also don't use at home, put them in your Christmas boxes, and donate them to a local recycling center, junk shop, or thrift store if you have excess clothes. You can also reuse these boxes for your gifts next Christmas, but just make sure to change the wrappers so that the friends that gave you your gift won't recognize them.

4) For Christmas Trees

Closeup view of a decorated Christmas tree.

When it comes to fake pine trees, it's best to disassemble them for easier and less bulkier storage. The stand of the tree is best kept in a cardboard box, while the leaves are ideally stored in their designated bags. Make sure that these storage containers are sealed tight so your Christmas tree doesn't collect a lot of dust that you'll have to get rid of first when you're reusing them.

5) For Christmas Stockings

Red Christmas stockings hanging by the fireplace.

While this holiday heirloom is more common in colder countries, some homes keep these cute stockings on display to follow the tradition of putting gifts in them in cash or in smaller items to give to the family on Christmas day. Before storing them, it's good to have them pressed and cleaned so that they're still okay to use the next time you need to. But if you're really particular with rewashing your stockings before the next holiday season commences, then feel free to do so too. When keeping your stockings, it's best to avoid plastic bags as moisture can get trapped inside them and the plastic bags become conducive for mildew and mold growth. Use tissue-lined containers as well as acid-free boxes instead.

6) For Christmas Lights

Closeup view of yellow Christmas lights.

Lights are a bit trickier to keep since they can be delicate and sensitive to sharp objects: one cut and you'll never get to see them light again. To address this, roll your lights on a piece of cardboard, then wrap some paper around it to protect it from overexposure to sunlight as well as to prevent unnecessary tangling like when you just throw it inside a cardboard box. You can also use hangers, short pool noodles, or any soft and non-abrasive cylindrical object where you can wrap your Christmas lighters around.

7) For Christmas Sweaters

A girl holding her red reindeer sweater up.

While some people just hang their Christmas sweaters all year long and only use it until the next Christmas season, sweaters can get loose, flimsy, and drab. It's best to keep them in a breathable garment bag instead of hanging them up and taking up unnecessary space. Store them where it's dry and cool, and keep them out of sunlight as much as possible. Before they're kept, make sure that they're washed clean, pressed, and folded neatly to keep their look for next Christmas.

How Would YOU Store Your Stuff?

A woman decorating her Christmas tree with golden Christmas balls.

What are your storage techniques? Have they been debunked? Would you consider alternatives? Always remember to make your storage techniques friendly to avoid spending unnecessary money just for Christmas decorations. Practice care for your holiday stuff to keep every piece of décor in your home as sparkly and vibrant as the Christmas season.