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Golf Courses with Easy Access from Tokyo

Spring is the perfect season for golf. Here are golf courses you can visit in different prefectures in Japan.

As the temperature rises, we see Sakura (cherry blossoms) and other flowers starting to bloom in Japan. After a fun-filled winter with lots of ski trips, here comes a perfect season for golfing. It is so refreshing to be on the course enjoying the subtle sweet and floral scent carried by the spring flowers. We have compiled golf courses with easy access from Tokyo.

Ibaraki Prefecture

View of Kamiiso no Torii, 8249-1 Isohamacho, Oarai, Ibaraki, Japan.

■Miho Golf Club (美浦ゴルフ倶楽部)

Miho Golf Club boasts beautiful courses designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. based on his “no risk, no reward” concept. 1998 Japan Ladies Professional Golf Championship, 2003 Japan Professional Golf Championship and other major tournaments have been held here.

Access: 15km from Ami-Higashi IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway), 10km from Inashiki IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway)

■Kinnodai Country Club (金乃台カントリークラブ)

This over 50 years-old golf club went under renovation works in 2022, the club house is now newly refurbished and the course layouts are redesigned to match the modern golfing.

Access: 4km from Ushiku-Ami IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway), 8km from Tsukuba Ushiku IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway)

■Toride Sakuragaoka Golf Club (取手桜が丘ゴルフクラブ)

With only 3 meters of difference in height throughout the course, the course is friendly for seniors and ladies.

Access: 19km from Yawara IC (Joban Expressway)

■One Way Golf Club (ワンウェイゴルフクラブ)

Designed by Pete Dye, this strategic and beautiful course showcases the beaty of the natural terrain and topography.

Access: 10km from Tsuchiura-Kita IC (Joban Expressway)

Saitama Prefecture

View of Mitsuzoin Parking Lot, 1798-2 Angyohara, Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan.

■Kawagoe Country Club (川越カントリークラブ)

This golf club has 3 courses (27 holes) created taking advantage of the hilly terrain of Hiki Kyuryo hills.

Access: 11km from Higashi-Matsuyama IC (Kan-etsu Expressway)

■Fuki Golf Club (富貴ゴルフ倶楽部)

Designed with the professional golf player Ayako Okamoto as design consultant, the course is rather flat but hazards strategically arranged throughout the course make it challenging.

Access: 5km from Kawajima IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway), 7km from Higashi-Matsuyama IC (Kan-etsu Expressway)

J Golf Tsurugashima (Jゴルフ鶴ヶ島)

Formerly known as Tsurugashima Country Club, this is a public course located in the Okumusashi Nature Park.

Access: 10km from Tsurugashima IC (Kan-etsu Expressway)

Chiba Prefecture

View of Mount Nokogiri, Motona, Kyonan, Chiba, Japan.

Anegasaki Country Club (姉ヶ崎カントリー倶楽部)

This historical golf course opened in 1960 is just 20 minute-drive away from Kisarazu Junction on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line Expressway.

Access: 6km from Anesaki-Sodegaura IC (Tateyama Expressway)

Camelia Hills Country Club (カメリアヒルズカントリークラブ)

Located just 30 minute-drive away from Haneda Airport, this Kokichi Yasuda-designed golf course is perfect for those enthusiastic golfers who want to go playing straight from the airport.

Access: 5km from Kisarazu-Kita IC (Tateyama Expressway)

Bristol Hill Golf Club (ブリストルヒル ゴルフクラブ)

This course strategically maximizes the natural terrain. It is easily accessible from the two major international airports in Tokyo, 40 minutes from Haneda Airport and 65 minutes from Narita Airport.

Access: 3km from Futtsu-Chuo IC (Tateyama Expressway), 7km from Kimitsu IC (Tateyama expressway)


Formerly known as Kimisarazu Golf Links, this Pete Dye-designed the waving undulation, ponds, bunkers and greens create a beautiful landscape.

Access: 5km from Kisarazu-Higashi IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway)

Morinagatakataki Country Club (森永高滝カントリー倶楽部)

This course is surrounded by lush nature has a spacious and relaxing clubhouse inspired by southern Europe.

Access: 6km from Ichihara-Tsurumai IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway), 14.5km from Kisarazu-Higashi IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway)


View of Tokyo at night.

Showanomori Golf Ground (昭和の森ゴルフコース)

This golf course is accessible by train with its shuttle bus service from Akishima Station on the JR Ōme Line. Apart from the golf course, facilities include a driving range and golf academy.

Access: 8km from Hachioji IC (Chuo Expressway)

Sobu Country Kurabu Golf (相武カントリー倶楽部)

Opened in 1963, this historic golf course spreads in the hilly area of Sagami and Musashi. It has an easy access not only from Tokyo but also from Yokohama.

Access: 8km from Hachioji IC (Chuo Expressway), 5km from Takaosan IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway)

Musashino Golf Club (武蔵野ゴルフクラブ)

Opened in 1960, this golf course has gained popularity among golfers for its accessibility and female-friendly facilities. Shuttle bus service is available from Tachikawa Station for those who come by train.

Access: 5km from Hachioji IC (Chuo Expressway), 4.5km from Akiruno IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway)

Kanagawa Prefecture

View of Minato Mirai 21, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Préfecture de Kanagawa, Japon.

Tsukuiko Golf Club (津久井湖ゴルフ倶楽部)

This gold club has three courses that visitors can enjoy golf to the fullest. Shuttle bus service from Hashimoto Station (JR Yokohama Line and Keio Sagamihara Line) and Takao Station (JR Takao Line and Keio Takao Line) is available for those who come by train.

Access: 8km from Sagamiko-Higashi (Chuo Expressway), 6km from Sagamihara IC (Ken-Ō Dō Expressway)

Kamakura Public Golf Course (鎌倉パブリックゴルフ場)

This is one of the few public courses in Kamakura and its relatively flat course is perfect for beginners.

Access: 9km from Hino IC (Yokohama Yokosuka Road)

Isehara Country Club (伊勢原カントリークラブ)

From Tomei Expressway, towns of Isehara City and Hiratsuka City to Sagami Bay and Enoshima, the panoramic view from the clubhouse impresses every visitor.

Access: 12km from Atsugi IC (Tomei Expressway)

Yamanashi Prefecture

View of Yamanashi, Japan.

Lake Sagami Country Club (レイク相模カントリークラブ)

This relatively flat course is created to visually delight the visitors with trees and flowers of the season, serene stream and waterfall.

Access: 7km from Uenohara IC (Chuo Expressway)

Hanasaki Country Club (花咲カントリー倶楽部)

This golf course does not offer caddie service but golf carts with GPS. It is located just 1.5km away from Otsuki IC on the Chuo Expressway.

Access: 1.5km from Otsuki IC (Chuo Expressway)