Articles Real Estate Information Haraya Residences: Unlocking a New Era of Cosmopolitan Living

Haraya Residences: Unlocking a New Era of Cosmopolitan Living

Haraya Residences in Bridgetowne Estate in Pasig emerges as a vertical gated village for young homeowners that embrace contemporary living.

Traditional living has evolved, ushering in a new era of cosmopolitan living. The way we inhabit our spaces has transformed, and Haraya Residences responds to the changing needs of our dynamic lifestyles and the growing importance of community and well-being.

At Haraya Residences, the essence of modern living is redefined. This development is a collaboration between Shang Properties Inc. and Robinsons Land Corporation, bringing forth a living concept that harmonizes luxury with privacy, innovation with tradition, and nature with urbanity.

Photo from Haraya Residences featuring Bridgetowne Estate.

Situated within the heart of Bridgetowne Estate in Pasig, Haraya Residences emerges as a vertical gated village, embracing all facets of contemporary living. This development spans 31 hectares and is thoughtfully designed by its creative team FM Architettura, P&T Group, and P Landscape Co. Ltd. to cater to the evolving needs of today's urban dwellers.

The current modern homes seek a more tactile experience with a deeper connection with nature. Haraya Residences recognizes this shift, placing an emphasis on the importance of al fresco spaces and proximity to nature. The concept of 'loggia,' an Italian term for an extension of the home that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, is central to Haraya's design philosophy. It creates a sense of fluidity, allowing residents to feel cocooned in their homes while still connected to the outside world.

Photo from Haraya Residences featuring its concept of “pixelated layout.”

Haraya Residences introduces the "pixelated layout," a flexible design concept that reimagines the traditional layout of residential units. This innovative approach fosters new interactions between spaces, promoting a more contemporary lifestyle. The one-bedroom unit, for instance, expands living spaces through a loggia, creating a versatile and inviting environment. The two-bedroom units feature expansive windows, bringing panoramic views indoors. The three-bedroom units seamlessly merge interior and exterior spaces through loggias, offering a unique living experience.

At the heart of Haraya Residences lies a vibrant community, brought together by a diverse range of indoor and outdoor amenities. These spaces are not merely facilities but extensions of residents' homes. Whether it's enjoying a movie in the Viewing Room, delving into a novel in the Library, hosting private gatherings in the Chef's Kitchen, or finding tranquility in the Yoga Area under the swaying trees, every amenity is designed with residents' lifestyles in mind.

Photo from Haraya Residences featuring the clubhouse.

Haraya Residences transcends the concept of a traditional residence. It is a sanctuary where luxury meets privacy, where the indoors and outdoors intertwine, and where a strong sense of community thrives. This well-planned development, in harmony with its natural surroundings, is not just a home; it's an opportunity to elevate your quality of life. Haraya Residences is a sanctuary where modern living and nature coexist seamlessly—a place to call home in the heart of the city.

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