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Enjoying Aromatherapy At Home: Choosing The Right Scents For Every Room

Not all fragrances work for a personal space. There's function and purpose to think of. From relaxing scents for your bedroom to clean aromas for your shower and the rest of your home.

Plain and simple, no one wants to enter a bad smelling space. And yet, a lot of people fail to pay attention to the intricacies that are part of choosing fragrances to spritz in their homes. While neutral smells are perfectly acceptable, nothing beats sensing a scent that evokes your most cherished memories or an aroma that just makes you feel good.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for holistic treatment and therapy. By activating triggers in your nose and sending messages through your brain (i.e. the olfactory system), aromatherapy is known to offer health benefits such as stress relief, improved sleep behavior, and even pain management. So more than the beauty of a great scent in a space, it may be worth looking into how these aromas actually affect your body and mind - especially since you're more likely to stay indoors nowadays.

For instance, fragrances and odors can easily influence your mood and change your motivations for doing any activity. Elevate every room in your home by choosing a special fragrance that not only smells good but also works for the space as per its function. Just think, you wouldn't want a sleep-inducing scent to fill your home office, nor would you want heavy, rich smells to permeate in your bathroom. Deciding how to embellish your personal space with the right scents is just as important as determining the décor and ornaments.

From the bedroom to your dining area, there are scents that work and scents that don't. Follow this simple guide to see which ones will keep your moods and health up while making your home smell like a 5-star establishment.

For The Bedroom: Something Restful

Candle, smartphone, and white flowers in vase on wooden bedside table

For many, the bedroom serves as a sanctuary outside of the busyness of everyday life. Make sure you get quality sleep (or maybe just great relaxation) by choosing fragrances that evoke a sense of calm and comfort.

Most botanical scents are not only gentle on the nose but are also known to help improve sleep performance. Lavender is known to reduce blood pressure, while eucalyptus and pine are positively linked to stress reduction. Other suggested aromas include sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and chamomile.

Aromatherapy tools are aplenty and you can definitely try them out to see what works for you and your home. In the case of your personal bedroom, opt for reed diffusers, candles, and spritzes. Scented candles can make a space feel intimate and romantic, while linen sprays are perfect in keeping your bed and curtains smelling great for longer.

For The Kitchen: Something Citrusy

Essential oil being poured into a plugged aroma diffuser

The kitchen seems like the complete opposite of the bedroom, as it is easily one of the busiest parts of the home. Food is made and consumed and thrown out all day in this particular spot, making it especially laborious for you to determine the right aromas.

A good starting point for choosing fragrances for the kitchen is the food. Strong floral scents tend to overpower the smell of most food, while citrus-based perfumes complement food aromas. In addition, the zesty scents of grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot help neutralize the more persistent cooking odors in a kitchen. Another great scent palette for a kitchen involves herbs and produce.

Keeping fresh herbs and produce in your kitchen should already make your space smell better than without, but you can also invest in a good home fragrance diffuser that spreads your preferred scents intensely and evenly. Just make sure to equally invest in good, therapeutic-grade essential oils (none of that fake, chemical stuff!) so as not to compromise the quality of your food.

For The Living Area: Something Rich

Lit candle and leaves in vase atop a marble table

The living room is probably the most dynamic room in a home - functioning as both an entertaining space and a place for personal recreation. For this reason alone, it's a great idea to use different fragrances for different occasions.

Opt for something cozy like cotton or rose for when you're just lounging on the couch with your favorite book and coffee in hand. For day parties, go for fun fruity scents like passion fruit and pomegranate that heighten the energy in a room.

On the flipside, choose deep, rich fragrances for night functions such as cedar, ginger, and amber. These perfumes generally work well in spaces where you serve and drink alcohol.

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For The Bathroom: Something Light

Flowers, candles, mug of tea, and books on bathtub tray

By virtue of their function, bathrooms are great spots to use light, clean, and crisp scents that help neutralize those less-than-pleasant odors. Linen and ocean-adjacent fragrances such as sea salt and coconut make a space feel breezy and almost spacious.

Fill your bathroom with your favorite clean aromas by using fragrant candles and reed diffusers (perfect for apartment and condo renters with strict building rules), and matching those scents with the bath products in your repertoire. This will help intensify the good odors and create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

For The Office: Something Perky

Bird's eye view of colorful potpourri in glass cannister

Creating the perfect work environment will not only boost your productivity levels but also make you more excited to show up for work. Scents are great mood influencers, so use this to your advantage and go for scents that energize and refresh.

Rosemary is a strong herbaceous scent that clears your brain (perfect for that afternoon slump) and cinnamon is a popular choice to help boost concentration. Peppermint and lemon are both mental stimulants, while jasmine helps ease nerves.

When all else fails and so long as you don't live in a traffic-heavy street in the city open your windows and breathe in fresh air. Aromatherapy is based on using natural oils and scents to help you become physically and mentally healthy, and what's more natural than outside air?

While deciding on how to properly utilize aromatherapy in your home with is key in creating a worthy abode, it's equally important to note that an amazing smelling home starts with a clean space. This might seem obvious, but it has to be said: no fragrance can fully mask smells from dirt and trash. Be sure to mop, wipe, and tidy up your personal spaces thoroughly and regularly setting up a cleaning schedule can work wonders and enjoy a blank, clean canvas where your scents can spread freely.